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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 10 Funniest Things...

...in this story out of western New York state:

  • 10) That Republican Rep. Christopher Lee thought he could pass for 39.

  • 9) That he was so ashamed of being a Republican Congressman that he misrepresented himself in his Craigslist ad response as being a lobbyist.

  • 8) That he thinks he had muscles worth showing off.

  • 7) That he's a Republican who ran on a family values platform and actually wound up becoming a Republican stereotype of a conservative hypocrite.

  • 6) That he further became a stereotype by taking pictures of himself in his bathroom mirror like some other family values icon I can think of.

  • 5) That horror film legend Sir Christopher Lee is now no longer the creepiest man in the world with the name Christopher Lee.

  • 4) That Chris Lee has now joined an endless line of other Republicans and conservatives seeking sexual gratification in toilets.

  • 3) That a United States Congressman has to go trolling for pussy in a place like Craigslist, where a third of the women are spambots, another third horny repressed gay men and the other third women who couldn't get laid in a maximum security prison with a handful of pardons and a bottle of Viagra.

  • 2) That Lee, a man with the finely-toned body of a PGA golfer, described himself as "a very fit fun classy guy" after lying about his profession, his martial status and his age.

  • 1) That in the post-Mark Foley era, a married US congressman with a child would be so naive as to think, in the digital age, that appealing to a strange woman on Craigslist whom he's never met with half nude photographs wouldn't wind up on a website like Gawker.com for public ridicule such as this.
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    People always do sexy-pose in the bathroom. Do they not understand that it's about the least sexy setting they could pick? Yeah - let's see that sink! Maybe a corner of the shower or toilet, too!