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Friday, January 21, 2011

These Memories Lick My Ear
Posted by Tata | 12:47 PM
It snowed in New Jersey again this morning. My garden, composter and window boxes are covered and frozen over. Like a lot of my neighbors, I'm bone-weary of shoveling and long for spring. According to Herb Calendar Pro, it's time to:
Review any notes that you made about last year’s garden; transfer important reminders (such as plants to move or divide) to a list or calendar for the coming year. Start new garden plans or revise existing ones. Take stock of stored tender bulbs, and any seeds that you’ve collected and stored; toss out any that are damaged. Heavy snow kills garden pests, but its weight can break branches, so shake it off. Secure plants against strong winds and repair any heaving caused by frost.

Zomigod, that's a lot to do while it's dark out and I'm trying to hibernate. Try this for a divine bedtime story:
Your free 2011 Catalog & Garden Guide will be shipped separately from anything else you might order and will arrive within one month. If the free catalog is the only item in your shopping cart when you check out, you will be asked for your address but not for payment information.

I'm a sucker for a happy ending! We have very little in the way of usable space here at Handmade House, so mostly we grow herbs and lettuces in window boxes. Inevitably, this leads to scenes where I'm leaning out a window with scissors in one hand and a determined 6 lb. cat trying to get a better snootful in the other, but fresh basil and arugula are totally worth it. Are you dreaming of spring? If you're planting, what will you plant?
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