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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That Woman Is An Idiot.
Posted by Jill | 10:23 PM
I don't work for MSNBC, so I can say it and Comcast can't fire me:

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Anonymous Charlie O said...
Idiot? C'mon Jill, she's freaking batshit crazy. Just look into those eyes.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
I think this particular nugget of idiocy deserves some amplification.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There seem to be about 8 or 12 people that have severe mental illness in congress and the house.

Isn't there any way to get these people help?

Maybe the president could have them picked up and dropped off at Gitmo for treatment.

Wouldn't even have to waterboard them to get them to lying like rugs.

Might help if he sent along a couple of crooks on the Supreme Joke as a reminder of who is and who is not president.

That might be enough to get some positive legislation through to help the 20 percent unemployed.

Blogger Nan said...
Chris Matthews has called her a loon and a fruitcake, as well as an embarrassment to the Republican Party. He keeps bringing Republicans on to his show, asking them blunt questions about Bachmann, and then enjoying watching them squirm.

I'm surprised no one has gotten on that woman's case about referring to "John Quincy Adams" as a "founding father." On July 4, 1776, John Quincy was about 9 years old.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
"OK, OK, so he was a Founding little kid who had a father who was a Founding Father. Must we quibble about the past? Now drink the Koolaid, hurry up."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, I just say let her & Sarah Palin run free. Just by continuing to run their mouths, they'll do in any shred of credibility the Tea Partiers ever had.

Blogger Ema Nymton said...

But seriously folks, take my wife ... please take my wife.

Am I the only person to come to the realization that the Republicant Party will be having a real challenge winning the Fox Network 2012 Presidential primaries? Given who the Fox Network 2012 Presidential primaries have running now, it does look like Mr Obama can expect to win a second term of office.

Ema Nymton