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Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Now I know what was going through poor George Bailey's mind as he stood on that fucking bridge realizing he was more valuable dead than alive (then again, George had $500 equity on a life insurance policy, so he was actually better off than me.).

Santa's been a bad elf this year. This afternoon with the mail came a letter from the Massachusetts DET informing me that as of Dec. 11, I'll be losing the extra $25 a week I got from the Obama administration. That's $100-125 a month. Since Mrs. JP's out of work, too, that means I'll be making $137 after child support to supplement her $135 a week. At a little over $1000 a month, that won't be enough to pay the rent ($650 a month), the auto insurance ($46+), internet access ($35), gas, electric, food, gasoline, cell phone minutes and whatever else comes up.

They gave me two day's notice. Helluva way to spend Christmas.

Meanwhile, even if I do get my UI benefits extended, it'll be minus the $25 I've been getting since May last year. and it'll be conditional on bloated, jiggling billionaires getting their 6 figure tax breaks at our expense. What a country. I get UI benefits reduced by $100 a month and Rush Limbaugh gets another couple of hundred thousand stuffed in his pocket.

Don't tell me there's no God much less a Santa Claus. This gives us no chance to even celebrate the holidays by buying presents. It'll be another miracle on 34th Street if we'll be able to meet all the bills on New Year's Day. I sent out another five letters and resumes this morning alone. No responses. Since last year, I've signed up with six, count 'em, six temp agencies and they have not gotten my foot in one fucking door. I've never seen it this bad before.

So, sorry, Bad Santa, no cookies.

(Whatever you guys could do to help would be greatly appreciated but it being the holidays, I know a lot of you are stretched to the max, too, so I don't expect anything.)
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Blogger LindaB said...
What is easiest ? The Paypal link? I read you almost daily as you seem to say what I would like to say but can't quite articulate. I suffer from "that sounded so much funnier in my head syndrome" Anyway I think my kicking 10 or 15 into Paypal is a good way to thank you for your writing. Hope you get a job offer or two soon

Blogger Jill said...
Linda (and others): You can donate to JP by clicking here.

It's preferable that you donate there...but if you use my button, please indicate that the money is for JP so I can forward it along. I am (for now at least) still employed.

-- Jill

Blogger Lisa said...
Jill, that paypal link doesn't work. Can you check and see what's up? I'd like to kick in some bucks.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
LindaB, thanks for your kind gift. Jill passed the word along.

Blogger Jill said...
Lisa, try going to JP's blog and click the donation button there: