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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thank God Obama's Not a Hostage Negotiator

"...and I want a 24 karat, solid gold golf cart by noontime today! I mean it or this jobless bitch gets it!"

"Is that with or without diamond headlights?"

After yesterday's sell-out, one gets the feeling that even Vladimir Putin handles hostage negotiations better than Obama. If Obama was a crisis negotiator for the FBI, the hostages would be crippled for life then chided for not being grateful for still being alive. If the hostages' families were spared, they should be grateful, too. And that black helicopter flying the hostage takers to that fully-fueled 767 at the airport just ended the crisis before any more harm was done, right?

If yesterday's deal with the Republican Party isn't grounds for a recall election, I don't know what is. And yet no one, especially our lawmakers, have succinctly made the stunningly simple observation that if Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% actually created jobs, there wouldn't've been any need to extend jobless benefits for the third fucking time let alone for another 13 months.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The President's snark about the "uncompromising left" can be thrown back in his face when the Republicans inevitably renege on this compromise !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it's interesting to note that OBAMA is now stating the tax cuts are "necessary to stimulate growth," even though OF COURSE that's not what happened, after almost ten years of them being in place.

But now Barry's parroting Republican B.S. while he's trying to jam his sell-out down the throats of the Democratic congress...

"Take it or leave it." Bet Obama never talked that way to Mitch McConnell, who's publicly vowed to take him out in 2012...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Obama is a sorry ass incompetent demopublican.

This country needs an armed revolution and when it starts I will join it!