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Monday, October 04, 2010

Doing Our Best to Keep Fear Sane.

"Oh, shit, JP's going." "There goes the neighborhood..."

Mrs. JP and I decided that, while it would have been cheaper to take one of Arianna's buses all the way to Assclown Central (aka Washington, DC) to the Stewart/Colbert rallies, ultimately we'd prefer to take our new car and to drive back at our leisure. We'd briefly thought about inviting people to go down with us but we'll be spending the 29th and 30th at a friend's house in Arlington then head back up on Halloween, stopping in Mrs. JP's old haunts in Cranston, Rhode Island. Shame. It would've been cool if someone came along to help with the driving and gas money. However, if anyone in the Massachusetts/Connecticut/Jersey area (Jill?) wanted to hook up en route and form a little caravan, we'd certainly be open to the idea.

So if anyone reading this is going to the Sanity/Fear rallies on October 30th, leave a comment or email us at crawman2@yahoo.com and let us know where you want to meet. We can even exchange cell phone numbers and meet on the mall if not on the road. Seize yaaaaaaaa!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cranston, RI? Creeaaaston? O my gawd. I am in RI although in the county that does not go by its proper name of Washington County - No, we are South County. You seem like a true Rhode Islander. I do not want to get stuck on a bus with a bunch of losers and not be able to leave if I want to. I would love to attend but I, too would rather drive myself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cranston East or Cranston West? just to satisfy my curiosity . . .
mrs. jp

Blogger jurassicpork said...
No, Mrs. JP's the native Rhode Islander. I'm always gonna be a native New Yawker by way of Massachusetts.

"Losers?" Excuse me? You're talking about our own kind, here. If Mrs. JP and I had decided to get on one of Arianna's buses in NYC, we'd be among those "losers."