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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This has to be the absolute worst show ever put on television
Posted by Jill | 9:37 PM
First of all, whose idea was it that a comedy about outsourcing to India was something that Americans, many of whom are out of work BECAUSE their jobs were outsourced, would ever want to watch?

Second of all, how many ways can said show disrespect Indian culture, people, and food in the first five minutes?

And I'm sorry, painting the Americans as assholes doesn't compensate. Not when you've already had the main character try to pick up the prettiest girl, made fun of a buffoonish nerd who's so far the most likeable character on the show, and made the Indian manager look like an idiot. And it's not even 9:45 yet.

I hope this show is cancelled. Soon. Preferably after tonight. I'm going back to Rachel. Not even for snippets of Indian music will I sit through this.

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Blogger David said...
Man, I thought the exact same thing! Seven mllion jobs shipped overseas and NBC thinks making jokes about it is going to help their piss-poor network?

Anonymous tata said...
The commercials alone should give one pause, and by "give one pause" I mean ask yourself who the fuck thought the concept deserved a budget and a time slot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, Newton Minow referred to TV as "a vast wasteland." It's just gotten junkier, that's all.