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Monday, September 20, 2010

Posted by Jill | 5:54 AM
Good riddance to bad rubbish:

"We want them doing more hiring, more investing..." When these companies' taxes were at the higher rates during the Clinton years, they were doing plenty of hiring. So this idea that we have to cut their taxes or they can't "create jobs" has been completely debunked. The Bush tax cuts were enacted nearly a decade ago and hiring has DROPPED.

Corporatist whores like Evan Bayh are the LAST thing we need. He's leaving. Blanche Lincoln is probably going to lose her seat. Other Blue Dogs are hanging on by a hair. What the election of these corporatists proved is that it isn't enough to work to elect people with (D) after their names. Republicans have succeeded in selling the American public a shit sandwich and telling them it's caviar. We have the message that ought to resonate with the Tea Party, but the Democrats have for far too long been willing to accept the fair-weather friendship of corporations who will yank away the football the minute a Republican shows them the bling. The programs that even Tea Partiers hold dear are the creation of Democrats, not Republicans. We should be proud of them instead of trying to sweep them under the rug, as "Democrats" like Evan Bayh would.


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Blogger WenD said...
"Third Way! Third Way!"

Tax the wealthiest 1 %. Back to the 50s; problem solved. But this is unthinkable. Good people don't think of this as the first or even third option to fix this mess. It never occurs to them. It's buried, in the past.

"What's this round thing?"
"Soldier, long ago, these made machines m-o-v-e."

Cue Charleton Heston, "You blew it up. Damn you, damn you to hell!" This simple solution, the rich pay more, a lot more, that tax cuts never create jobs, is buried so far back in the psyche, it's like a paleo-memory.

Good riddance, and many more.