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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Perfect

Anyone who's ever gotten their first pair of eyeglasses in years will know what it's like: You run outside and start counting leaves on trees, reading the license plate numbers of strangers driving by and seeing how far away you can stand from a calendar while still being able to read it. This is what today is like for me since getting my own pair from Perfect Glasses.com. It's almost like having painless, outpatient eye surgery that restored my vision after years of blindness.

After Mrs. JP got her bifocals in the mail five weeks ago and they proved to be a smashing success, I had the temerity to ask my contact guy Chad Thomsen if I could get a pair of bifocals of my own if I agreed to write another article. He immediately said Yes. So I got another eye exam, submitted my script and order that day then sat back and waited a couple of weeks.

Some places give you your glasses in an hour but then again, that doesn't leave more than a few cursory minutes for a quality control check, does it? Take it from an old ISO 9001-trained QC guy, you cannot scrimp on quality, especially if you want to run with the big dogs. Perfectglasses.com has a stringent quality control apparatus in place so they can ensure your script is exactly as the doctor specified. When you combine the value ($19 for mine had I paid for them) with the relatively brief wait (two weeks on average) plus the superior quality of the lenses and frames, waiting by the mailbox for a couple of weeks seems a small price to pay.

Of course, the drawbacks to getting new glasses is that I'm seeing for the first time how old and decrepit I am and exactly how bad of a housekeeper I am but there's nothing poor Chad can do about that.

What he can do for you, however, is give you affordable, timely high-quality eyewear that's literally 10% of what a lot of places in the meat world will charge. I got quotes a year and a half ago and what I was hearing was up to $200 for bifocals with progressive lenses. So, once again, if you happen to be in the market for eyewear, you definitely want to check out Perfectglssesusa.com. My style, in case you're curious, is the Live Wire model.
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Anonymous Diva said...
Lookin' good, JP. Except for that godawful Boston hat.

Anonymous Ms.Cellaneous said...
Why couldn't you have posted this before I paid $583 yesterday for a pair of rimless glasses and a pair of sunglasses?