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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Phil Davison

...although, after seeing this video, you may wish you hadn't.

This is an example of what we're supposed to be voting for to get back at the mean old Democrats for not fixing all our problems in less than two years? Yeah, I can see how electing meth freaks like this psychopath would be a preferable alternative.

You'd think this raving lunatic would've been led out in four point restraints or wheeled out on a Hannibal Lecter dollie immediately afterward, right? Well, Ohio's Young Republicans formally endorsed this guy. Uh huh. Maybe I'm just being overly cynical here but I wouldn't be comfortable knowing this sweaty, bug-eyed GOP tool would be managing my county's money as Treasurer.

But the Ohio Young Republicans disagree. In fact, their endorsement reads as follows:
Phil Davison brings a new energy to the table that Stark County’s Young Republicans Chapter has been waiting for. Remember, team, the only vote that doesn’t count is the one you don’t make!

"A new energy." Sure, like Ultimate Republican Ted Bundy brought "new energy" to Gainesville. If "new energy" is defined as screaming at strangers and turning colors usually associated with genitalia in porno films, then I'd say what Stark County needs is less energy and more Thorazine.

Despite the Konservative Kiddies' endorsement, Davison lost the nomination and is now out of work ever since he lost his last job as a courthouse bailiff.

I honestly can't imagine why.
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Anonymous mandt said...
Very clear that he has been watching Mr. Hitler's old oratory tapes. But, in this case....rather limp inspiration.

Anonymous Ted said...
Masters degree in Communications!?!?
Remind me to skip that course...

Blogger Barry said...
I'm going to start talking like that all the time.

Anonymous myriad weblog said...
Very clear that he has been watching Mr. Hitler's old oratory tapes. But, in this case....rather limp inspiration.