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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mean Streets of Hudson

So, about a half hour ago, Mrs. JP is at the computer and she happens to look out the kitchen window. And what to her wondering eyes did appear? Not one, not two but three Hudson police cruisers in our neighborhood. Was JP up to his old tricks, enraging his psycho ex by having the impertinence and the gall to remain alive? Sorry, not today.

This is my neighbor's house across the street. So what did my old buddy do this time? We all know he has a spotty reputation with the local constabulary. Why O why was literally 75% of our municipality's cruisers parked in front of his house, leaving one to patrol the entire town for the better part of a half hour? Could it be domestic abuse or violence? Uh, not exactly.

We saw one of the three cops dispatched to the scene walk out of our neighbor's garage and he walked across the street and asked us, "Are you the ones who called?" "No. What's going on?" "Oh, nothing," he replied, "we just got a call about someone abusing a chicken."

After Mrs. JP and I laughed ourselves sick, I took these pictures to document the fact that three of our four cruisers were dispatched to one house because, apparently, the Hudson, Massachusetts police department takes animal abuse seriously. Either that or they're incredibly bored. The four previous occasions when the last Mrs. JP had an epileptic seizure and sent the cops to my house, I never rated more than one and I'm a former Navy Seal and they know it. I'm almost insulted.

I can't wait to read the police blotter in the local paper in the next couple of weeks: "Area man chokes chicken, local police paralyzed as a result."

The ironic thing is the chicken never materialized nor did Mrs. JP nor anyone else see it save for someone who also has too much time on their hands.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ouch! It's SEAL, not Seal, unless you're a fish! :)))