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Friday, September 10, 2010

No Christian terrorism? Guess again
Posted by Jill | 6:34 PM
How about THIS religion of hate:
Federal authorities have charged South Rowan High School graduate with conspiring to bomb a North Carolina clinic where abortions are performed.

Justin Carl Moose, 26, of 93 Mary Circle, Concord, was arrested Tuesday morning in China Grove by the FBI, according to information provided by the Department of Justice and court documents.

He is charged with providing information related to the making, use or manufacturing of an explosive, destructive device or weapon of mass destruction to a person Moose believed was planning to bomb a North Carolina clinic. Authorities did not identify the clinic.

According to an affadavit accompanying a criminal complaint, Moose provided detailed instructions to a confidential FBI informant who told Moose he wanted to bomb a clinic where a friend’s wife was planning to have an abortion.

The affadavit alleges Moose used Facebook as a platform to advocate violence against women’s health-care clinics where abortions are performed and the people who work there.


The affadavit says that starting Jan. 19, Moose made numerous statements “advocating the use of violence in order to affect his ideological and political beliefs. The majority of these postings relate the issue of abortion and the murder of abortion providers.”

One posting on Aug. 22 was “List of death camps with address’ Do with it what you wish.” The affadavit says that post referred to a list of abortion clinics throughout the nation.

Another post, on Aug. 3, provided a link to a website that authorities say contained a recipe for making explosives. In a post the next day, the affadavit says, Moose warned advised readers how to use the explosives without harming themselves.

On Aug. 23, the affadavit says, Moose posted this:?“To all the feds watching me:?You can’t stop what is in motion. Even if you bring me in, my men will continue their mission. Furthermore, I?will not go peacefully. Do you really want another Waco?”

The affadavit says the Facebook page also contained four videos, including one called “Hey Man Nice Shot,”?which the affadavit calls “a tribute to individuals who had murdered abortion clinic doctors.”

FBI?agents also looked at Moose’s MySpace account, the affadavit said, and found pictures including those of a young girl holding an assault rifle and others that appear to show “some of the basic elements of an improvised explosive device.”

After obtaining a search warrant, the FBI got access to private messages on Moose’s Facebook account, the affadavit says. In one, Moose wrote, “If there’s any good that I?do, I?give the glory to my father God. And if there’s any bad I?do, well I guess I?can take credit for that :) As far as I’m concerned nothing is off limits to stop abortion. Anything and everything goes.”

In another private message, he wrote: “...there was an experience that made me a militant... My entire life has centered around the art of making war. Destruction is what I?know best... I realize that the Holy Spirit has been preparing me to teach and lead others... Over the next few weeks (or months...) I will be writing down all that I have learned over the years concerning destructive devices, sabotage, covert operations, and survival skills.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
First: This guy is not a true Christian. Jesus said; not everyone who says 'Lord, Lord' will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but those who do the will of my Father, which is in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day; Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name? And in your name have cast out devils? And in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I tell them; I never knew you. Depart from Me you who do the of work evil. They will say; when did we see you hungry and not feed you, when did we see you thirsty and not give your drink, and He will say; I never knew you.
You will know true Christians by their fruit.
Brilliant at Breakfast: The bible told that the knowledge of the Kingdom of God is of the spirit world and to those who have accepted the Lord into their hearts, this makes perfect sense, however, to those of the world (non christains), this is gibberish. All signs show that we seem to be approaching the last days when the One World Order will come. There is not much time left to open your heart to the Lord. We truly pray and feel for your loss should you not believe, but the choice is yours.

A true Christian
Bill in Daytona