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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's people like you what causes unrest
Posted by Jill | 8:24 AM
New Jersey's thuginator, Chris Christie, he of the jihad against teacher and public employee unions, he of continuing to stiff the state pension fund, he whose policies are going to give New Jersey taxpayers one wallop of an increase in their property taxes as municipalities scramble to make up the revenue, he who these days makes a thrill go up Joe Scarborough's leg, went to California to stump for billionaire Meg Whitman, and hilarity ensued which showed Christie for the thug that he is, as Ed Schultz noted last week:

If you saw Bill Maher on Friday night, you saw him allow Andrew Breitbart to filibuster the entire show, leaving the great Seth MacFarlane doing nothing but sipping out of his Real Time mug and grinning like a cheshire cat. And this is how Republicans operate. They filibuster, they shout, but if you dare to use their own tactics back at them, they say it's YOU who are the problem.

Too bad the guy Christie was bullying turns out to be a wealthy guy who believes (like Seth MacFarlane) that he doesn't really need a tax cut.

I never thought that Monty Python's "Fish License" sketch would start to resemble political discourse in this country:

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Blogger Barry said...
I did, however, enjoy seeing Maher finally taken to task for his ludicrous self-identification as "libertarian." Why does he still do that?