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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Suffer Little Children

The president's defense of a mosque at Ground Zero was, in spirit, a good thing, even if the mainstream media in attendance didn't make note of the fact that they came on a Friday night just as the news cycle was winding down.

Too bad they came weeks after NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Republican, essentially said the same thing only more eloquently and in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day.

Once again, Obama failed to rise to the aid of a people whose business addresses weren't on Wall Street. And, once again, Robert Gibbs was wrong: The fight over whether or not a $100,000,000 mosque and community center should be put up near Ground Zero is not "a local matter." The Republican racism, fearmongering and religious snobbery that's largely opposed it (no thanks to the redundant ADL) stabbed right into the heart of what America is: An all inclusive melting pot of a nation in which no man, and no religion, is better than another.

But then again, what can you say about a political party that's not only famous for being crybabies, but are even afraid of them?
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Anonymous mandt said...
Why in the hell, after all these years, is there NO beautiful and inspiring monument in place at the 9/11 site? Noe, that is a disgrace!

Blogger Cujo359 said...
The more I think about that speech, the less I'm impressed by it. Did you see Nate Silver's take? Not a stirring analysis.

I still feel like it's worth applauding, but in retrospect it's not all that courageous. Plenty of people are annoyed about the "mosque", and yet still think that its builders have the right to put it there. Obama bought himself a little trouble by doing this, but not so much as first appears.

Blogger Nan said...
Typical Obama. Too little, too late.