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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said
Posted by Jill | 9:10 PM
For about five minutes today I found myself wishing I were going to Netroots Nation. After all, Melina and I had a great time when we went in 2007, snarking about self-important people like the Big Blue Smurf himself and sitting around eating margarethe pizza and blogging. Then I remembered that it's in Las Vegas, and a quick look at the Weather Channel site revealed that at 8 PM Eastern Time (5 PM in Vegas) it was 110 degrees out there, which puts our mid-90's to shame. I don't care how much air conditioning you have; I am going to be hot as hell in that kind of weather. Sorry, but not even Alan Grayson is enough to get me to spend a bunch of money to shvitz like that.

Especially when the Kossacks are all excited about being able to ask Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid questions.

So along comes today's honoree, who perhaps gets honored more than anyone else, largely because in times like these, sometimes the niceties have to be dispensed with. And no one spills bile (or curses more than I do) better than Bustednuckles.

Money quotes
Jesus Christ, some people just don't get it..
Oh My God!! Nancy Pelosi is coming to the Net Roots National Convention!! Piss my fucking pants and eleventy eleven, Whoo Hoo!
Bonus, Harry Fucking Reid is too!!

Oh My Fucking God, where is my Sharpie..


Oh, we don't have enough votes, the Republicans are going to Fillibuster, yadda fucking yadda.

You pussy mother fucker. Ram your fucking agenda down their fucking throats and if they want to fillibuster, make damn sure they have a few cots and some fucking hot tea.

Now ya have some crazy fucking bitch taking you on and you can't even handle that shit.


If that crazy bitch Angle whips yer ass in the Primary, it will go a long way to rehabilitate the Electoral process..
Just think, Michelle Bachmann won't be the craziest fucking moron in Congress any more and you and old Bitch McConnell can have a nice honeymoon. After ya just fucked over the millions of folks who were counting on some fucking unenjoyment, gave billions to the cunt fucking bastards in the banking industry and let BP get away with killing three fucking states and a few hundred thousand former tax payers, it's time for you to retire. Take Joe Fucking Lieberman with ya.

I just wish he'd lay off the "c" word.

Honorable mention: Driftglass, who is the perfect antidote to David Brooks.

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, our esteemed co-blogger and friend Melina, who is so far ahead of the zeitgeist that she was doing the backyard chicken thing before it was cool, was on the local news this evening. I have a 15" pot on a table on my front walkway with 2 pepper plants, basil, and a cucumber plant that can't decide whether it's a vegetable plant or a flowering one. I'm starting to think I need a hen to go with it. I'm sure my neighbors would be thrilled.

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Blogger Barry said...
That post was entertaining and made me lol, but I have to wonder what Mr. Bastard honestly expects from Harry Reid.

I happen to think the guy has done the best he can with what he has to work with. For example, he repeatedly put his own career on the line by trying to put the public option back into HCR even though he knew it had to be a long shot.

What OB can't seem to grasp is that this is not Sweden, and even though the Democrats enjoy a majority in the senate, many members of the Democratic caucus are moderates from red states whose constituents would tar and feather them if they did what he's suggesting.

Blogger Bustednuckles said...
Thanks for the link love honey and I will take your advice about the C word, I really don't like to use it but when the froth is foaming it tends to come out.