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Thursday, May 13, 2010

But wingnuts don't care because they'll all be raptured home to Jesus by then
Posted by Jill | 5:17 AM
Rush Liimbaugh doesn't care because he won't be around. Neither does Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Reilly, or Sarah Palin, or Mitch McConnell, or John Boehner.

You know who might be around? Descendents of the current crop of Bush family criminals. Because they reproduce.

But they don't care either.

Not one of them gives a rat's ass that in less than 300 years -- aknist as much time as this country has been in existence, and the blink of an eye in historical time -- we will have made this planet too hot to inhabit:
Climate change could make much of the world too hot for human habitation within just three centuries, research released Tuesday showed.

Scientists from Australia's University of New South Wales and Purdue University in the United States found that rising temperatures in some places could mean humans would be unable to adapt or survive.

"It would begin to occur with global-mean warming of about seven degrees Celsius (13 Fahrenheit), calling the habitability of some regions into question," the researchers said in a paper.

"With 11-12 degrees Celsius warming, such regions would spread to encompass the majority of the human population as currently distributed."

Researcher Professor Steven Sherwood said there was no chance of the earth heating up to seven degrees this century, but there was a serious risk that the continued burning of fossil fuels could create the problem by 2300.

"There's something like a 50/50 chance of that over the long term," he said.

I hope that when all these people find that there's nothing after death except nothingness, or having to come back and do it all again, or even if they do find the Great White Alpha Male and his son standing by the pearly gates welcoming them to an eternity of being bored out of their skulls, that they consider maybe they should have taken care of the gift that was given them instead of spending 600 years doing their damnedest to destroy it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
(Thank you for your blog, by the way - I just found it!)

Several weeks ago, a commenter on Slacktivist noted that, assuming you subscribe to the recently-invented Rapture theory, the people who think they'll be raptured are not the ones who will be raptured - it'll be the poor, the unfortunate, etc. I looked up the Beatitudes today for a comment on another blog and I realized that Jesus had already described those who would be raptured - the poor in spirit, etc. - assuming Jesus subscribed to the to-be-invented Rapture theory.