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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bart Stupak: Still an idiot. Still has to go.
Posted by Jill | 5:19 AM
And so in the end, Bart Stupak came around. Did your head explode listening to him all of a sudden paint health care for pregnant women and children who are actually here as "pro-life", when until the day before he was perfectly willing to jettison the whole thing if it meant that dirty sluts who can't keep their legs closed wouldn't be punished by being forced to bear children they don't want. Because let's face it, THAT'S what it was all about, otherwise the internal inconsistency of his [wide] stance would never have held up in any school of logic.

And after a decade of people like me being forced to pay in the form of my tax dollars for a war based on lies, tax cuts for the already preposterously wealthy, and Blackwater rapists -- and told to sit down and shut up -- in the end, Barack Obama was only able to get this thing through by promising Bart Stupak that dirty sluts who couldn't afford to pay for their own abortions would be suitably punished.

Amanda nailed it even before the vote came in:
Did they come up with this brilliant plan after Stupak has made it clear that his contempt for women’s opinions applies even to nuns?  Is it possible that Nancy Pelosi called up Obama and said, “Look, I’ve been telling him and Sebelius has been telling him there’s no federal funding for abortion in this bill.  He apparently needs to hear it from a man, so can you give us a hand?”

And in the end, Stupak's year-long concern with the zygote and the fetus above all else didn't save him from the wrath of lunatics.

Stupak gets no brownie points for this. You know what to do.

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