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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waiting to exhale.
Posted by Jill | 5:35 AM
So here we are.

At the end of today, one of two things will have happened. Either this country will have taken a first step -- a very small first step, but a first step just the same -- towards a better health care system...or it won't.

Either we will have taken some small steps towards ensuring that all Americans can step away from the precipice of total financial ruin if they become ill...or we won't.

Either children with leukemia from lower-income working families will be able to receive medical care to battle their illnesses, or they will be turned away because Bart Stupak, who adheres to a religion the institutional structure of which seems these days to be little more than a pedophile protection racket, thinks a fertilized egg's "life" is more important than theirs.

The health care bill to be voted on today isn't what I wanted, nor is it what a great many others wanted. Maybe it isn't a start after all, but an endpoint. And if it's an endpoint, perhaps we all WILL be worse off. If the Democrats manage to find their intestinal fortitude today, it's going to be incumbent on us to keep their feet to the fire...and to support the real Democrats who have the guts to run against entrenched hacks like Bart Stupak, so that further progress can be made.

I would like to believe if this passes today, and the Seven Plagues aren't immediately rained upon us, that perhaps some of the screeching from the teabag right will calm down. But I'm not that idealistic. In fact, I think it will get worse. Because we all know that lying beneath much of the teabag protests -- and not far underneath if the signs we see at such protests is any indication, is a visceral terror that a man whose skin color is not the same as theirs is not only occupying the White House, but may very well succeed at it. And if Americans' lives DO improve from this, then this woman from yesterday's rally may very well be right -- that this country WILL re-fight the Civil War:

Because after all, isn't that what all this has been about all along?

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Blogger Bob said...
It's not what many of us wanted, & I have my doubts that the system can handle 30 million or however many new insurees, most of them in & near cities. But we have to become accustomed to the idea of universal access to health care, & the only way to get there is to do it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looking just at the players in this legislation and I will predict that it will be a very very expensive failure.