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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Why the Saints won
Posted by Jill | 10:30 PM
Athletes always like to say how God was with them and that's why they scored the touchdown/hit the home run/got the free throw in the basket/landed the quad toe loop, or whatever.

Well, if you want to believe that God influences sports contests, then I guess God wanted the Saints to win to reward Saints linebacker Scott Fujita for his outspoken advocacy of gay marriage.

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Anonymous OM said...
Hey, that's cool. I didn't know about that. He's right that it's not courageous to believe in human rights, but it is courageous to talk about it while being in a macho environment of football. (you can tell how bad it is just by watching the super bowl commercials.

Blogger Barry said...
I'm not certain about much when it comes to religion, but I'm reasonably sure that if he exists, God doesn't give a shit about some football game (baseball may or may not be a different story.) But I'm not God and I'm glad the Saints won.

Blogger D. said...
Hee hee!

(Sorry you've had to moderate the comments.)