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Friday, February 05, 2010

The "R" Word

Let's talk about the "R" word for a moment, shall we?

The consonant "R" could be used to start any of tens of thousands of words. There's "revenge", for instance, or the synonym "reprisal." But the "R" word mostly in the news lately has been given attention due to Sarah Palin's Facebook fatwa. That would be the word "retarded", a word that does not accurately describe those with Down Syndrome, of which former Governor Palin's son Trig suffers.

Indeed, those with Down's Syndrome can have average to above-average intelligence and those who are developmentally-disabled due to having a superfluous 47th chromosome suffer moderate mental handicaps. Down syndrome should never in any way be all-inclusively folded into mental retardation.

Yet Palin's attack on Rahm Emanuel and calling for his termination only displays her ongoing ignorance of any subject under the sun that doesn't include clothes shopping and color-coordinating her lipstick and shoes.

However, I'm here to address yet another "R" word and that word is "Republican." You see, the rules are different for even moderate Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel and Republican elephant dorks such as Rush Limbaugh. Because, to cite yet another "R" word, Sarah Palin's unwillingness to engage el Rushbo for not only using the word but for calling out the Palin camp for calling out Emanuel can best be described as "Recreant", or, according to Dictionary.com, "unfaithful, disloyal, or traitorous."

Not only does it reveal Palin to be a moral coward in being unwilling to defend her son as she sought to defend him and others with Down's syndrome, it also betrays her as a hypocrite. It also shows that the GOP establishment of which Palin pretends to not be a part both officially and unofficially genuflects at the altar of a child-molesting, racist drug addict who does a radio show from his home.

Limbaugh is himself, to continue our alliteration, a supreme recreant, a reprobate and a raging racist against any who aren't also bloated, wealthy, white WASP Republicans such as he. Yet Republican congressmen, party chairmen and other conservative media pundits continually prostrate themselves at the cloven hooves of this cock goblin and assclown extraordinaire.

Sarah Palin is no different. Whether or not one is wrong in their assumptions or beliefs, one ought to stick to them until having a logical and more correct reason for changing said assumptions or beliefs. If Palin thought it was OK to publicly attack Rahm Emanuel for using the word "retarded" when describing a liberal plan of action, then she would have been even more justified in attacking this jiggling mountain of lying cellulite for attacking her for being politically correct.

But Palin is a quitter and a coward. She has no beliefs other than that which conforms to the conservative zeitgeist, no allegiance other than to the letter "R" and her own transparent presidential ambitions in two years. Sarah Palin still holds out hope that Limbaugh will someday give his millions of airheaded listeners his endorsement of her candidacy except Palin doesn't realize that Limbaugh, a product of a dying, male-dominated America, will never endorse a woman for President no matter how qualified she may be. She has no loyalty, even her own misguided one that she's recently pretended to hold for those with Down syndrome.

Her inability or unwillingness to publicly call out Limbaugh and engage him for slapping her across the snout with the rolled-up newspaper of his radio show and bully pulpit will cost her independent votes later on. Her refusal to apply the same rules to a fellow conservative is Republican partisanship at its most craven.

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Blogger Jill said...
There is also some speculation, which I fear has something to it, that Palin named her son Trig not after Trigonometry, but rather after the shortened medical slang version of the medical term for Down's Syndrome, Trisomy-g or Tri-g. If true, this is the kind of pathological cruelty that would make me weep that this child has such a monster for a mother.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Isn't Trisomy-G the 21st chromosome that's responsible for Down syndrome?

Blogger Jill said...
Yes, you are right. My mistake. The point still stands.

Blogger Nan said...
Palin would never attack el Lardo. He's her role model, her actual aspiration for her future. Based on her performance to date, I'd say she has zero actual interest in ever holding political office again. She merely wants to maintain a high enough public profile to continue to collect $100K speaking fees -- it's definitely a much easier gig than working for a living.

Anonymous Sherry Peyton said...
What I heard on Keith Olbermann suggests they just about turned inside out worrying that Lardo would take offense at the mooselady's comments "generic" though they were so as not to offend the loud mouth. She is so about Sarah and nothing else...never have I seen such narcissistic crap in my life.