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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Weiner Blogging
Posted by Jill | 5:17 AM
That's for al you sophomoric snickering types, and you know who you are. But while Rep. Anthony Weiner's last name may be Weiner, he's no weenie. Rachel Maddow last night on how Anthony Weiner pwned the Republicans by calling them what they are:

Now in fairness, half the Democrats are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the insurance industry too. But THIS is what a representative who fights for the interests of working people in his district looks like. Hmmmmm....Grayson....Weiner....Franken in the Senate....enough people like this and we might actually be able to get something done.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Excellent video. Thanks.
Love your blog too. Visit every single morning!
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous mandt said...
Are you thinking what I am: Grayson....Weiner....Franken = Vice President, President and Secretary of State!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Never will happen, at least in our lifetimes. Too much anti-s in this country, well-hidden but very much there,
Great blog!!!
Southern friend R.