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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: It's Not Even 5 AM, Why Am I Up edition
Posted by Jill | 4:51 AM
At least once a week and more often twice, I lave to leave the house at 6:15 AM to get to work for 7 AM teleconferences. It would be one thing if it meant I leave work at 3:30, but as we all know, eight-and-out is not the average workday anymore. So since I'm not quite awake yet, let's hear from some people who are:

One reason to almost HOPE the Jets don't make the Super Bowl is to save us from having to watch a Heisman Trophy winner with his mom about how she didn't listen to medical advice and refused to abort him. Tim Tebow is lucky; but I wonder if he'd won the Heisman if he'd had the baggage of knowing his mother died during childbirth (which was apparently a distinct possibility. So in addition to all the GoDaddy girls tearing their tops off and models fellating beer bottles, we're going to have some That Which Is Not Forbidden Is Mandatory crap from the Christofascist Zombie Brigade. Amanda has the cranium-combusting story. Note to both Tebow and his Mom: Good for you! You made the right decision FOR YOU> That's what CHOICE is for. (Side note: Perhaps THIS is what's getting these people all riled up about abortion these days.)

Nicole Belle on thuggish supporters of Scott Brown. (Birds of a feather, etc.)

The Poor Man on Why They Hate Us.

At Comments from Left Field, a story you won't find in the New York Times but that should give you pause, especially if you're planning a trip to the Vancouver Olympics.

Skippy on a corollary to the IOKYAR rule: When the American military kills Muslims in the name o'Jeebus as a "crusade", it's OK.

Swopa on shock doctrine and awe in Iraq.

Tobasco Da Gama makes me glad I'm not a gamer. (Someday someone is going to kill in real life a person whose avatar he stalked as an avatar and a jury is going to have to decide if it was premeditated.)

DougJ has the text of a truly repulsive phone poll that was going on in Massachusetts yesterday.

Mat Taibbi smacks down David Brooks.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn't blog about Martin Luther King yesterday. There are many reasons for this, probably none of them any good, mostly having to do with my lack of time for the kind of thought-provoking post I would have wanted to, and the fact that our colleague Jurassicpork did a perfectly fine one over at his place. But it's worth looking at a contrarian view from Badtux, who kinda has a point.


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Anonymous damaged goods said...
because i'm stupid, i don't get the connection between tebow and the jets. please enlighten.