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Monday, January 18, 2010

So, Mr. President, how's that "bipartisan" thing working out for ya?
Posted by Jill | 6:01 AM
You know, Barack, you're a smart fella. You didn't fall off a haytruck yesterday. You've been in the Senate, you know what these people are like. Whatever made you think that "bipartisanship" would work? What in the rhetoric of the Republican Party has given you the idea that any of these nimrods would be willing to work with you? Do you really spend that much time listening to David Broder and Chris Matthews and the rest of the Media Idiots who allowed George W. Bush to run roughshod over the country for eight years but said that YOU had to take the high road? Is it this thing you have of wanting everyone to be happy and get along? What is it?

For months we've been hearing in the media that if health care doesn't get done, your presidency is in ruins. John Heilemann said it in exactly those words just a couple of weeks ago. And yet you chose to stay out of the fray until it was too late, deluding yourself that getting Olympia Snowe would somehow make health care reform "bipartisan." Any idiot can see that one anachronistic moderate Republican does not equal bipartisanship, not when the Republican Party looks more and more like a teabagger rally every day.

So tomorrow there is an election in Massachusetts, for the seat that Ted Kennedy held through four decades. Your party ran a weak candidate, and both said candidate and the party felt there was nothing to do but wait for the votes to come in, just the way your people felt you could sit back and let the Senate handle health care. Even a moron could see that when people are out of work, when they are frightened, they're going to lash out at anyone who feels they're "entitled" to something, even if that something is a Senate seat.

So now another handsome Republican empty suit, a state senator new to the national stage, is probably going to benefit from that fear and anger tomorrow, because your party's candidate ran a crappy campaign and because for whatever reason, your people didn't feel that seat was worth fighting for until it was just about too late.

Should Scott Brown win, this odious, mean-spirited piece of shit will all by himself have the power to scuttle your entire agenda -- because Harry Reid lacks the balls to make the Republicans actually filibuster. Instead he cowers in a fetal position in the corner.

Here's what Scott Brown is:

1) A guy who grins when someone suggests that his opponent should kill herself.

2) A guy who thinks emergency room health practitioners should be allowed to refuse help to women whose morality they disagree with.

3) A guy who voted against financial help for 9/11 rescue workers.

4) A guy with a demonstrated anger management problem.

I haven't been in Massachusetts in quite a while, and the last time I was there it was for a 3-day conference. So perhaps that state really HAS become Alabama. But while the Democrats are not "entitled" to keep any Senate seat, even Ted Kennedy's, I wonder if voters there really want what Scott Brown stands for, or if they're willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

We'll find out tomorrow.

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Anonymous ted said...
... if they're willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

I'm in and out of Massachusetts. I'm not sure they see it that way... But the answer is "Yes!" They would!

Overall, I think the Dem's have a death wish. If they would nominate a CREDIBLE candidate who actually understood the issues and was offering real -- doable, and passable -- soluitions.. [But then, maybe such creatures don't exist in either party anymore!].
They failed it -- ie, credible candidates -- in the Presidential election of 2008. They would have done it here in Connecticut with Dodd, and they may still. [I personally think Blumenthal would do much more for the STATE if he remained as AG, but he wants the graft that comes with a Senate seat... Oh, well!]

Perhaps it will take losing the Senate -- and possibly the House come November -- to have the Dems realize their folly! And then again... probably not! They won't see it as THEIR fault...

Anonymous Charlie O said...
Unfortunately Mass voters are stuck with "bad" and "really bad." I'm not sure which is which. But from what I've seen of Coakley's record as a prosecutor, I certainly don't want to see her in the US Senate. Her record makes me want to puke.

Blogger Barry said...
It's really incredible. By all rights, the GOP should languish in the wilderness for decades after GWB and the recent GOP congress. Instead, thanks to Obama/Reid/Pelosi, that period of exile looks like it'll be more like 8 or 9 months.

Anonymous mandt said...
"didn't feel that seat was worth fighting for until it was just about too late." That's it in a nut-shell. Pathetic! Mass. is going to elect a soft porn version of Sarah Palin----JFC!

Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...
the racism of boston especially has always been a factor to be dealt with.

it's no wonder that the celtics were the last NBA team, the red sox the last baseball team, to be integrated. the celtics still have a roster that's heavy on "fan favorites" (in NBAspeak that's a white guy of very limited skills).

the rural parts of the state vary from the hippies of stockbridge to rock ribbed puritan polyphobics.

don't forget, it was massachusetts which tried to fob off mitt romney on an unsuspecting public.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
No, we haven't become Alabama, not by a long stretch, thank goodness. Yet we, the bluest of the blue states, are a state whose independents nonetheless outnumber Democrats.