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Sunday, October 18, 2009

That sound you hear is Ann Althouse's teeth gnashing
Posted by Jill | 10:07 PM
You'd think that after 26 years with Mr. Brilliant, 23 of them in a marriage far more solid than that of your average wingnut, I'd no longer be a sap for cute wedding stories. But one of my weekly guilty pleasures is reading the "Vows" feature in the Sunday New York Times. I started reading this once when the couple was in their 80s, had met in the Catskills like five decades ago, gone their separate ways, and then married late in life. It was the kind of story where in the movies the couple would be played by Walter Matthau and Gena Rowlands, Nora Ephron would write and direct it, and only the acting would keep it from being awful. Mr. B. and I met cute too back in 1983, but there were no blogs, only 'zine culture, and at that time broadcasting your personal life to a bunch of strangers seemed really self-indulgent.

How times change. Ha.

But imagine my surprise to actually see a name I recognized in today's "Vows" column, for today's feature was the wedding of Feministing's Jessica Valenti and TPM's Andrew Golis in what may be the bloggiest marriage to date. Ms. Valenti wore a lovely V-necked dress, and I'm quite certain that this evening, Ann Althouse is examining the photo carefully for traces of cleavage.

Let me offer as a gift three pieces of advice for a successful marriage:

1) Don't have kids.
2) Pay attention to each other.
3) Accept that you'll have to set the toilet seat the way you want it every time.

Mazel Tov!

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Anonymous Tata said...
Yeah...Ann's going to go all asplody.

I can't wait!

Anonymous Nora said...
Aww, you can have kids and have a successful marriage, if both of you want the kid or kids and you both accept your responsibilities as parents. My husband and I (who also met really cute) have what I consider a successful marriage (28 years married), and a 20 year old daughter in college. Otherwise, points well taken.

Blogger Deborah said...
Like you, I find this part of the NYT a guilty pleasure. I also agree with your tips to a successful marriage. I guess it's possible to have kids and still have a good marriage, but the odds drop considerably.

And Althouse can go fuck herself.