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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NOW can we say that the fetophiles are just plain and simply anti-women
Posted by Jill | 5:39 PM
They hate us.

They really, really hate us, with our girly parts that smell funny and look like wounds and ZOMG maybe it has teeth. They hate us because they like to look at boobs. They hate us because we make them end up like Mark Sanford, blubbering into a microphone about his soulmate against a backdrop of the dying embers of his political career. They hate us because our bodies do strange things that they don't understand but they know they came from. They hate us because we dare to have independent thoughts.

They really hate us.

You thought if we just tried to find "common ground" on abortion, that would satisfy them? Well, now not only do they want to ban contraception in Florida, they're coming after your mammograms.

It's not because they are concerned about possible health risk from mammograms. No, they're going after the Susan Komen Foundation for refusing to perpetuate their deranged, utterly false and scientifically discredited notion that there is a connection between abortion and breast cancer:
Antiabortion activists have called SKG a "menace to women," Bader reports, which, obviously, is like calling basil a menace to linguine. Their beef: Advocates for women with breast cancer don't warn women about "the abortion/breast cancer connection." Which, of course, is because there is no such thing. Not that the facts have stopped people like Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, from saying things like, "Women suffer tremendously when 'breast cancer awareness groups' keep us in the dark about breast physiology, especially when millions unwittingly damage their health by choosing abortion." (Or Angela Lanfranchi, M.D., from publishing reprehensible "studies" like this new one in the non-peer-reviewed Linacre Quarterly, which -- where shall I start? -- provides no actual data and no real explanation for why mothers get breast cancer or miscarriages don't seem to be a problem or ... feh. We're not going to dignify it with a rebuttal.)

The Komen haters have also (long) trotted out the association between Komen and Planned Parenthood -- which, to the radically antiabortion, is basically the Death Star. Diabolically enough, some Komen affiliates provide grants to local Planned Parenthood clinics, supporting -- exclusively -- breast cancer screening and educational programming for un- and under-insured women.

Silly as it all sounds, Bader reports that Komen staff "have had to respond to anti-choice criticism" -- instead of to, say, breast cancer -- "and recently hired two Catholic ethicists to rebut Diocesan efforts to stop the faithful from supporting SKG."

When I need commentary on such things, I go to Amanda Marcotte, who as usual does not disappoint in her exposé, The Cracker Taliban saves the boob babies.
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Blogger Distributorcap said...
lying is the new chic these days - and the more blatant the lie, the more the stoopid believe it

this is goebbels in overdrive

Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
They are no different than the taliban or the ultra orthodox jews or the extreme evangenicals. All believe the same thing: that women are the cause of their evil thoughts, that women must be covered up so they can avoid their evil thoughts, that women are scary, that women should not be seen or heard in public (lest they find someone who treats them like a human being and therefore threatens to leave me), that women should only be seen by their husbands and must submit to sexual relations whenever he wants them. That women must not be educated (lest they get smart enough to stand up for themselves), that women be subservient to men (so I can make myself feel powerful), that women who act up or disregard my rules can be done away with as easily as killing livestock for food.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If the so called, "pro lifers" were also concerned about life after gestation and birth, they might have some kind of moral leg to stand on. But no. Once you're born, you're on your own, baby. Not gonna spend one damn red cent of my hard earned taxpayer money to support indigent mothers and their snot-nosed brats.

Seems to me that such folks are far more obsessed with controlling women's wombs than anything that remotely approaches a reverance for human life.

Blogger Interrobang said...
Are they somehow confusing the statistics that say nulliparity is a risk factor for breast cancer? Funny, I didn't realise that 43% of American women had no kids, but I did realise that 43% of American women have had abortions.

Oh, and to any of those whackadoodles like down in Florida who want to ban birth control because they don't understand physiology, you do realise that some of us take hormonal contraception for medical reasons, right? On the pill, I'm a productive, taxpaying, functional citizen. Off the pill, I'm on welfare because I can't hold down a job, what with being sick at least one week per month (not counting the other things I'm more susceptible to because of anemia), and not fit for company for part of another.

Their choice, I guess. :D