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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr. Wilson, your fifteen minutes have started....and they're not going to be pretty
Posted by Jill | 5:45 AM
If your name is "Mr. Wilson" and you're an elected official and you're going to start screaming at the President during a nationally-televised speech because you think it's going to somehow make the Terminally Stupid who constitute your base think you're a swell guy, then we have no choice but to post clips of Walter Matthau as Dennis the Menace's nemesis:

...except that Wilson is more like Don Rickles as Mr. Wilson than like the crusty-but-lovable Walter Matthau.

Because there's nothing lovable about Rep. Joe Wilson.

This yahoo has apologized
, but that doesn't absolve him. We aren't Jesus, and we don't let him off the hook that easily. So there's one thing to do about Rep. Joe Wilson, and that's send him back to the primordial ooze from which he came. You know what to do.

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Blogger Ryan said...
I hope his little outburst steels Democrats as a party to show them the Republicans don't care... they just hate... and hate some more... with a little hatred on the side.

Now is the time to call/email/snail mail your representative and DEMAND reform.

Blogger Barry said...
Ha ha. I know that guy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I Was so sick at the behavior of the REPUBLICANS, their disrespect for our President has gone too far.I have contacted my two Republican Senators from Arizona to let them know that we cannot tolerate such disrespect. Every one with a means of communication should do the same in their state. Lets show them that they are there to serve us, and we are watching them.

Blogger Steve said...
Bingo! Sarah has found her running mate for the 2012 Anti-death panel ticket.

Vote Palin/Wilson and live forever!

Blogger Barry said...
I seem to recall when a different Joe Wilson called a different president a liar, liberals thought it was just great.

Blogger Bustednuckles said...
Barry, Barry, Barry.
I would think the difference between writing an Op Ed for the NYT and being a jackass and yelling idiot shit while the President was actually addressing Congress and the people would be obvious.

Apparently it isn't.

Blogger Ryan said...
"Barry said...
I seem to recall when a different Joe Wilson called a different president a liar, liberals thought it was just great"

Don't lump all liberals into your glorious label-fest. If a Citizen speaks out against a President, it's their right to do so. When a Representative or Senator does so to a seated President.. there's an issue. Which means yes... I disliked it when Harry Reid called Bush a Liar and a Idiot... because it's disrespectful.

The same should apply here, the Republicans may not like President Obama, but they should respect the office and as such keep his negativity to himself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Let us go quietly toward the bankrupting of a nation by not opposing the out of control spending and massive debt that we will never see repaid in our lifetime. Let us go quietly and not question where this money will materialize to repay the trillions owed by this country. Let us go quietly and allow people of all nations to walk across the borders of this country and fill our ERs and be treated while our children wait in the waiting room. Let us go quietly and not question the President of this country when grandiose ideas are pushed through Congress and small,mundane and unimportant people such as lowly taxpayers are expected to shoulder the burden of the debt. Let us go quietly and not question our net income on our paychecks because it is not the popular thing to do.

Blogger Bustednuckles said...
How about , just go, quietly?