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Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't recall electing Olympia Snowe president, do you?
Posted by Jill | 2:44 AM
Since when did Olympia Snowe become the final arbiter of law in this country? Between Barack Obama treating Snowe as if SHE's the president and he's just some schmuck out there trying to make peace between the Hatfields and the McCoys and Kathleen Sibelius making nice with the Christofascist Zombie Brigade over a legal medical service that she's assuring them will NOT be included as part of health care reform, I wonder if Barack Obama isn't going to end up presiding over the forced repatriation of 75% of the public into not some socialist hell, but the Republic of Jesustan, just because of a lunatic, but highly vocal minority and the siren song of insurance company dollars.

Senator Olympia Snowe, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, where the most-watched version of the health care bill is being written, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the so-called public option is “universally opposed by all Republicans in the Senate” and “therefore, there’s no way to pass a plan that includes the public option.”

No? How about a campaign led by the President to expose just how deep in hock to the insurance companies those who would vote against a public choice of health plans is? How about standing up for women's right to control their own reproductive destiny? In Florida, an anti-abortion group is launching an effort to ban the use of all contraception in that state. Do you still believe that if we just give way on abortion these nutballs will go away?

We expect Republicans to constantly kiss the asses of the lunatic right. It's disheartening, and makes me less inclined to lift a finger for anyone in the Democratic Party, when our own sell us down the river on legal medical procedures and delegate the responsibility for our health care future to one Senator from Maine who will always, always, always, when push comes to shove, put party loyalty before everything -- something OUR supposed party never, ever does -- even when it's warranted.

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Blogger Bob said...
There's yer "moderate" Repug, that Olympia. Barack ought to call her in & say, "Off the record, Senator, you get in line or I'll heap on you more shit than you could believe." Lyndon would've done that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How about a campaign led by the President to expose just how deep in hock to the insurance companies those who would vote against a public choice of health plans [del]is[/del] are?

Blogger Barry said...
I'm certainly no fan of Mrs. Snowe, but it sounds to me as if she's simply making an informed prediction... and probably an accurate one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Obama shuld teech those publicans dat da man is black now. Whitys not in power no more. Bitch got a name like snow just bond to br trobel.

Anonymous Joe Markowitz said...
Your post does not really answer the question of how to you persuade 60 Senators to support the public option. "Exposing" the debts of senators to insurance companies probably will not do it. Olympia Snowe is not the president, but she is entitled to vote as she sees fit in the Senate. And the Democrats either have to come up with a package that will get 60 votes, or they have to use the reconciliation process to get health care reform passed. Frustrating, but that's how our system works.

Blogger Barry said...
Hey Jill, is it still racist to criticize ACORN?

Blogger Jill said...
Barry, your knee is jerking again.

Anon: The reason it "requires" 60 votes is that Republicans threaten to filibuster anything and everything. Not even Olympia Snowe is really interested in compromise. When push comes to shove, she will be a good little Republican shill like the rest of them.

I say let 'em filibuster. Let these wingnut lunatics that now comprise the sum total of the Republican Party get up and talk about death panels and other hysterical lies that are just code for ZOMG THERE'S A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE. I would rather see no reform at all than a Republican version that does nothing but create a massive transfer of wealth from American families to insurance companies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
His O-ness really does need to grow a pair of big brass balls like LBJ had. Johnson wouldn't tolerate this shit. And as an aside, Harry Reid could make the GOP actually filibuster something. See just how long they could keep up a real, old fashioned filibuster.