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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wa Po Jerks Off Milbank's, Cillizza's "Mouthpiece"
(A Brilliant @ Breakfast Exclusive.)

What could be more sexist or unfunny than two middle-aged guys sitting around with pipes, in overstuffed smoking jackets and leather chairs talking about beer and mad bitches? Well, not a whole hell of a lot, apparently, because the Washington Post decided to pull their experiment "Mouthpiece Theater."

Their deeply offensive installment last month, in which they tried to stretch to the breaking point a joke and premise that barely held promise, in which they suggested that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would prefer a bottle of Mad Bitch beer, is what got the online feature axed. It brought to mind Fox's incredibly unimaginative 1/2 Hour News Hour, an excruciatingly unfunny waste of airwaves created by the torture-loving right wing psycho creator of 24, Joel Surnow. The 1/2 Hour News Hour, thankfully, got trashed by Fox almost two years ago. The Hindenburg was up and running longer than Surnow's comedic abomination.

Experimentation, as Milbank said after the Washington Post's wise but belated decision, is absolutely essential to self expression and no one knows that better than yours truly. Yet what Milbank, at best an occasionally amusing man, seems to be defending (as least Cillizza was honest enough to say the online feature was unfunny) was not experimentation. Calling the Secretary of State a "mad bitch" was not only misogynistic and uncalled for, we would've expected this sort of dull, tedious and mean-spirited abuse from middle schoolers (or North Koreans) on Youtube (only Youtube wouldn't have waited as long as did the Wa Po to pull such a video and maybe even terminate their account. "Mouthpiece Theater not only had to clear several editors it also allowed for the kind of ad libs that got the feature axed.).

By most accounts, Secretary Clinton has been doing at least an adequate job as Secretary of State and even the right wingers have laid off on her as they concentrate on birth certificate forgeries and sabotaging town hall meetings on health care.

The Washington Post showed once again its arrogant, right wing bias that we thought had reached its apex when it fired the popular Dan Froomkin this year, hired Red State's Ben Domenech over three years ago and began censoring comments in Ombudsman/GOP shill Deb Howell's column. I suppose it's only a matter of time before Sun Myung Moon makes a bid to buy this rag, too.
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