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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is this why Sarah Palin decided to quit?
Posted by Jill | 2:33 PM
One report from nothing but "unnamed sources" isn't enough to convince me, but if true, it will be interesting to watch the Family Values party start spinning divorce as God's True Plan. Either that or blame gay marriage.

Meanwhile, that sound you hear is Rich Lowry calling ProFlowers on his Blackberry.


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Anonymous mandt said...
Must-a been a witch involved.

Blogger Barry said...
In other news, Beaver was killed in Vietnam and Mikey died from eating Pop Rocks with Coke. And I don't even want to tell you what Rod Stewart got pumped from his stomach!!

Blogger Melina said...
well, shes got a few things rolling into a snowball behind her...and we're surprised? No one does what she did for no reason...shes got that snotty delivery about how its all lies, but with these people, its all lies until its not ...and they take that in stride.

OpenID stuckfunky said...
YAY. Welcome back to SF!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, Montana IS about as close to Alaska culturally and scenically as you can get in the "small states". "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they're seen Wasilla!!??" Or Boseman!?

But more to the point, I've always thought it was only about MONEY! Once she saw what it would buy.. Little girl! Big city! SOMEONE has convinced her that she [they!?] can get rich beyond their [her's or her handlers! You decide] dreams of avarice...
Given modern telecommunications, she should be able to do a national radio show from Montana. I'm pretty sure they have Internet there!

And no way would she make it in the Hamptons! Hasn't been rich -- enough or long enough.. Although she is arrogant enough.

PS: What ever happened to the "assured scandal" of corruption that all you blogger folks were sure was the driving force behind her resignation? Was the deal the she resigns and the feds make no further mention????

Blogger Bob said...
A person's public behavior is likely to mirror much private behavior, especially one like Sara who is not good at disguising or controling emotions. The Palins are in such constant flux - & it's nearly all Sara's doing - that it would be difficult to believe their marriage is not under tremendous stress. In the Palin's evangelical family order, Sara is as far out there as a woman can get & remain the "hockey mom" she claims she is, & it all centered on the Wasilla home. So the idea of uprooting that home for something other than a clear purpose - like being VP - is probably very disturbing to Todd. He's supposed to be the highest authority in the family, the one with the veto power over any major decisions affecting the family. He probably hasn't used this authority much - he married a strong-willed woman, but in the conservative Christian marriage, he has it.& he may feel he's sacrificed more than enough privacy & stability.