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Friday, July 10, 2009

What the hell are the Republicans so worried about?
Posted by Jill | 4:08 AM
In Barack Obama, we have a president who is a devoutly observant Christian, who reads a daily devotional, says that women are ALWAYS unhappy about getting an abortion, and FINALLY, FINALLY admits that like John Edwards (who was soundly blasted by the gay community), his religious background makes him a homophobe.

From US News and World Report on Obama's sit-down with Catholic journalists:
...on Thursday, Obama cast the decision to have an abortion in a decidedly negative light. "I don't know any circumstance in which abortion is a happy circumstance or decision," Obama said, "and to the extent that we can help women avoid being confronted with a circumstance in which that's even a consideration, I think that's a good thing."

In the absence of this audience, I think this is a perfectly sensible position. After all, we're all in favor of women having the right to choose but hopefully not having to make that choice. I'm as staunch as pro-women's bodily integrity advocate as you'll find, and I made damn sure it was a choice I'd never have to make. But to this audience, what's he talking about? Abstinence? Chastity education? I want to hear more.

For the gay and lesbian community in this country, I think it's clear that they feel victimized in fairly powerful ways and they're often hurt by not just certain teachings of the Catholic Church, but the Christian faith generally. And as a Christian, I'm constantly wrestling with my faith and my solicitude and regard and concern for gays and lesbians.

And there you have it -- exactly the same sentiment for which the gay community blasted John Edwards when HE said almost that same sentence during the 2008 campaign. One simply cannot go to these Bible-thumping churches, buy the doctrine, and come out of it feeling warm and fuzzy towards the gay community. I don't care how much he wrestles with it, as long as he does the right thing in terms of policy. So far he hasn't.
Joshua [DuBois, head of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships] does a wonderful service for me and he actually sends me a devotional on my BlackBerry every morning, which is actually something that he started doing I think when I was really having a tough time during the campaign. And it was just such a wonderful practice that we've continued it ever since. So every morning I get something to reflect on, which I very much appreciate.

Now hold it right there. You mean to tell me that this guy has NOTHING to reflect on unless someone sends him e-Bible verses every morning? I've been up at 4 AM every day this week reflecting on how the hell I'm going to meet a perfectly impossible deadline and when I'm going to be able to sleep and whether I'll get done with this project without being carried out of my office in a box. It seems to me that North Korea ought to be a good place to start reflecting.

Reaffirming his support for a conscience clause for medical workers who object to abortion or other procedures, the president knocked critics who alleged that he'd undo such a clause:

I missed the part in his Notre Dame speech where he agrees with the idea that if there's a part of your job that you object to for religious reasons you shouldn't have to do it. I guess I have to find a religion that objects to twenty-three hours of meetings in one week.

Combine all this with Obama's embrace of Wall Street and expansion of some of the Bush Administration's WORST Constitutional abuses, and I wonder just what the Republicans are so upset about? It sounds to me like Barack Obama is one of them.

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Blogger Barry said...
I may not be your typical Republican, but I'm *not* particularly worried about Obama. The only part of his policy I find strongly objectionable is his continuation/acceleration of the bailouts/stimuli that characterized the waning days of the Bush years. But of course I objected when Bush did those things too, so there you go.

Blogger Ryan said...
Ah it's business as usual in the ole' White House. Disguised bigotry using a Bronze Age book as reasoning behind it. Perhaps Mr Obama should gaze a peek into his past when the same Christofascists were using the bible as means to keep Blacks enslaved or blacks from equal rights or blacks getting married.

Mr. Obama is merely thinking the "Long Game". He wants to be reelected in 2012, obviously... so he's pandering to the rather large Christian base on both sides of the aisle. I predict we won't see any movement for gay rights in his 1st term and as a gay man... would plead to my gay brothers and sisters to stop wishing beyond Hope that he is going to do so.

Yes sir. It's business as usual in the Ole' White House. I was a Texas State Delegate for the Democratic National Convention for Obama... I voted for the man obviously for the Presidential race. But if I don't see some verifiable movement on gay rights by the end of his 1st term, I won't vote for him in 2012.

Does this mean I'll vote for the Republican canidate? Hell no. I suppose I'll either vote a viable 3rd party person or just not vote.

Yes Sir. Status Quo as usual.

Blogger Barry said...
I knew there would be aspects to an Obama presidency I would dislike, but two things I *was* hoping to see was a substantial improvement on gay rights and a softening of the drug war. So far I've seen neither.

He *may* be playing the "long game" with an eye toward 2012 as you say, but that's a risky proposition. He's not guaranteed a second term, and he's *definitely* not guaranteed two full terms with a filibuster-proof two-house majority. If he wants to enact meaningful change, he needs to do it now.

Blogger Bob said...
Millions of people, not just Christians, begin their day with a daily meditation based on an inspirational quote. To this end they use books guides - it's an enormous genre, or an email sent daily (like I find word-a-day in my inbox every morning). Some people read a poem. So it shouldn't be an issue. I recommend it to you (not the Bible, but the inspirational quote).

The Prez should just stop thinking about LGBT civil rights in a religious context, & use his rational noggin. & he shouldn't single out the Catholic Church. I know pro-gay rights Catholics. I even know gay & lesbian Catholics, bless their long-suffering idealistic hearts. I've never met a gay or lesbian evangelical protestant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Iran has not attacked anyone in over 300 years. If the US dislikes its theocracy it can 'pat itself on the back' for having created it after over-throwing democracy in Iran and installing the 'puppet' Shah and the CIA's creation of the murderous 'Savak' that taught the Iranian people the fine points of torture and mayhem making the Persian people hate the Great Satan even more... and it only gets worse as the US helps 'genocidal' Israel with nuclear capable Tomahawk cruise missiles, nuclear 'igniters' and supports Jewish terrorism with the best in the US arsenal ('illegal' white phosphorus, DIME, MK-77 napalm, Bunker buster bombs and the dreaded DIME (tungsten based) munitions we all saw used against the civlians of gaza in Dec-2008/Jan-2009 and lert's not forget the 'dreaded' US veto at the UN.

Every dog has his day US/Israel 'genocide twins' so when the BIG ONE falls, don't go crying to your Mommies, K?

Tombstone, AZ.
dba: IDidntVote4TheBassTerd@msn.com

Blogger Distributorcap said...
diappointment abounds ---- the bubble continues, and we the people continue to complain a lot - but dont do anything

i dont know what that anything is-- but like ryan said, BAU - and dont expect it to be any different - even if he gets a second term

we dont need a new prez or a new party -- we need a new form of govt