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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lisa Mysers is back to her old tricks
Posted by Jill | 5:09 AM
Back in the Clinton years, Lisa Myers was the head warrior of the Nail Bill Clinton squad over at NBC. Now she focuses her attention only on the attacks by Republicans and conservative economists on the stimulus package:

After all, why present as well the majority of economists who favor stimulus of some kind, in many cases involving MORE spending than this bill has, when you can do the bidding of your corporate masters at General Electric? Of course focusing on wingnut objection to the package doesn't keep General Electric from seeking some taxpayer cash in search of government subsidies for the development of smart electricity meters. I applaud GE's efforts in the area of wind power and clean energy for the post-oil era, but it's a bit disingenuous for the company to send its lobbyists to Capitol Hill in search of subsidies while putting Lisa Myers on the network newscast that everyone sees (not just the political junkies who watch the station's MSNBC shows) to give the impression that all economists are opposed to the plan because they think it has too much spending and not enough tax cuts. This is the newscast that people watch over dinner in the evening, and to ONLY allow "conservative" economists airtime is to give the impression that the Obama Administration is barrelling ahead with policies opposed by the entire community of economic experts -- when in fact many if not most economists believe the package doesn't go far enough.

The fact is that we are in uncharted territory here, and no one knows if this stimulus package, or even a larger one, is going to actually work. What we do know is that the Bush Administration spent eight years cutting taxes and here we are. We have no idea if in fact our entire lifestyle over the last thirty years has been one big Ponzi scheme. But for Republicans, aided by a media that's only too happy to help restore them to power in 2010 so they can get their hands on Social Security and cut taxes even further on giant corporations like GE, what's a few million Americans thrown into poverty among friends? Especially if it means they may get to run the show in two years.

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Blogger DBK said...
Read today's Daily Howler. Somerby points out the BS in the press's reporting on the stimulus. One thing he didn't go into in detail, though, is this business about how awful it is to spend $8 billion on a light rail system from LA to Vegas. Building a light rail system means construction jobs and infrastructure, and construction jobs are NOT off-shored. Neither is Vegas's entertainment industry off-shored. LA is one of the largest (maybe THE largest, I don't know) population centers in the US. Having a convenient, environmentally better, fast system to move people between one of the country's largest population centers and one of the country's largest entertainment centers makes economic sense. And, again, construction jobs help a lot of people...people who, for some reason that I can't recall right now, aren't building houses.