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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Don't Rain on my Parade...
Posted by Melina | 10:56 AM

"The stabby ends of very, very sharp sticks..."-Driftglass

Just as I was closing up brain and shop, concentrated on matters of chicken poo, hay, and pie ,(not necessarily in that order) out of the corner of my ear yesterday I overheard some pundit or other say something to the effect of "torturers will not be brought to justice," and so goes the rest of this disgusting culture and any morality that was still clinging to the underside of the lip.

India is in flames, supposedly...or you would think so by the reportage...wasn't there a parade that I used to peel potato to?...Ive been brewing coffee, feeding dogs and thinking, thinking, about whether its right at all to post a gut feeling without all the necessary research...and then whether its OK to cross post that opinion/gut feeling over on Mrs. Brill's blog and further. I mean here she is actually brave enough to state the things that she is thankful for, with seemingly no worry that they're gonna come and take it all away, poof!, just like everything else....and here I am with my usual half empty perspective. Yesterday I was asked to answer yes or no as to if I was an optimist or a pessimist, in order to get into a focus group that pays $100 cash that I need right now (what with the household publication of the boy's Christmas/Birthday list and the credit cards deciding to implode with higher minimum payments and APRs.) I kept trying to tell the guy that there must be something between the two, no?...I mean...WTF? Well, its a panel about the credit/economy crisis it turns out, and I was able to get on by a hair...but if I had been pessimistic in general, like, in life, I wouldn't have. More on that as it unfolds; they sometimes cancel and even though the screener told me that this one was definitely on...well. we'll see.

So, I guess its not so horrible that the India thing, when shown on holographic map and zoomed in upon, with flaming American style hotel and obligatory escaped hostage shown over and over, strikes me as another part of the M$M bamboozle that will, no doubt for anyone willing to actually look into it, lead back to a rise in terrorism due to American influence, Mumbai and India being our worker arm after all. And its only a short hop to the connection with our outgoing administration and their crush-the-mushroom strategy on terrorism. If the way the terrorists landed and spread out in multi attacks hits a little close to home, and smacks of being sophisticated enough to rank up there with the best that Al Quaeda Worldwide has to offer, well...
But still, what the fuck is going on? Bangkok anti-government protesters? A coup?....
Don't they know its turkey day? Isn't this when we stuff ourselves with genetically altered, oil injected, bird and lay like slugs in front of American football, watching the helpless, hopeless, meaningless travels of a ball up and down a field?

Ultimately, my gut feeling about all of this terrorism and uncertainty in the world can point in only one direction.... And if a couple of Americans are hurt in the crossfire?...well, there must be some rejoicing in the streets!
Someone called me this morning and stated bluntly that all of this Oh MY! about this operation, in that the number of dead equals a tiny, tiny percentage of people who are dying across India from tooth infections and the like. Get your priorities straight! Honestly, if terrorism is really just a dramatization of the feeling of portions of the population across the country, this wasn't all that bad, considering the desperate conditions out there. Just have a look at where Jack Bauer has been all these months (...blame the writer's strike!)...and I want to know if Obama is gonna at least hold Bauer responsible for what he's done in the name of country.

To the reportage attacks on India are worthy mainly due to great footage of flames and ongoing standoffs, and the hushed exclamation that 2 Americans, maybe more, have been HURT!!
Whatever made Americans feel like we were superior and special must by now be tempered by seeing with our own eyes what happens when we give away what made us strong; Natural resources, resiliency, ingenuity and the intelligence to reinvest in our beautiful country and its superior inhabitants. We gave all that away so that capitalism could cycle into the self destructive part, which is the inevitability in any unregulated economic sceneario; that is unless human nature has changed for the better while I was asleep. The moment Reagan stood at a podium, half addled already, reading the script put in front of him, charmingly, saying that there was no need for regulation as large corporations were very capable of regulating themselves, we were done for.

Which brings me back to the stabby sticks of Driftglass today and the flotation of ideas that the guilty will not be punished...on any level...ever!
Our beloved President Elect is not in any sense a better man than you Drifty; he merely expects less of people than you do....He must know that the American, and hell probably the worldwide attention span, is not long enough to withstand what might be necessary to demand justice. The accusation of holding a grudge or being backward-looking seems to now be stronger than the reality that we will never really be able to move forward without looking at what happened and showing the world, no matter how long it takes, that we really are who we pretended to be before the money took over.
I suppose that cleaning up the mess while you cook is too much to expect of this very messy country and its lazy inhabitants, but I think that we should at least expect some semblance of the realization and knowledge that this was not just a few rogue actors screwing things up, but an aberration in the entire American culture, manipulated by threats and our inherent weakness! I think we should expect more...but having an educated and strong populace doesn't serve those who profit from our weakness.

Meanwhile, over on NBC, thank God for New York City and Macy's, Broadway shows, balloons, clowns, confetti, kids, and anyone able to feel anything real anymore.

(The real thankful part maybe later...Now, I gotta bake a pecan pie...)

c/p RIPCoco

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Came across a confusing statement in a featured AP article:

"Their main targets appeared to be Americans, Britons and Jews, though most of the dead seemed to be Indians and foreign tourists caught in the random gunfire." -AP

Apparently, things that "appear to be" are not what they "seem to be". Were the "main targets" actually "Indians and foreign tourists"?