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Friday, July 08, 2011

We can't say we weren't warned
Posted by Jill | 6:53 AM
Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest, November 2007.

Angry Black Lady over at Balloon Juice is taking the White House's denials at face value, but if you want to say that the White House's position on Social Security is unchanged, I have to ask: Unchanged from when? 2007?

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Anonymous mandt said...
Why ABL gets as much space anywhere is remarkable. ABL is a dedicated Obama bot and will accept no reasoning to the contrary. It is the ABL's that will aid Obama in ruing the country.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I'd have to say Angry Black Woman is correct. Obama has never made any secret of his desire to "reform Entitlements". He has always supported cutting benefits in favor of tax cuts for the rich. It's just that democrats had their hope earmuffs on. So he hasn't change, it's just that Democrats can no longer ingonre Obama's Republican ways.

If Angry Black Woman is saying Obama is "still" opposed to benefit cuts, well that's just stupid.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Jill and Pork, you guys are so anti-Obama, you should write for the Drudge Report. Or maybe Andrew Breitbart will hire you as bloggers. He'd definitely appreciate your Obama hatred. Drudge and Breitbart like it when Democrats turn on their own, chew them up and spit them out. Keep it up, Jill and Pork, and you'll see Magic Underwear Romney in the White House. Then you'll really be bitching and complaining.

Blogger Jill said...
So, Anonymous who won't tell us who you are, what you're saying is that we should be good little sheep and just accept everything a president wants to do -- as long as he's part of our own party? Do I have that right? Isn't that what Republicans do?

I'm getting sick and tired of watching Democrats sell out the American people. Yes, the Repubicans do it too, and more so, but at least with Republicans I know what I'm getting. With Democrats, I get all the right words and then they cave to Republicans every time. I'm tired of being told to vote for lamesas weak sisters who won't fight for anything (or who are complete sellouts themselves) because "the alternative is worse."

Obama has given the Republicans everything they want. He's given us a Republican presidency. How much worse could a real Republican be? Abortion? That's over anyway, and if Obama has to sell us out on that he will. Corporatism held up by the Supreme Court? We're already there. Businesses refusing to hire unlesws they pay no taxes? Here already. Under a Democratic president.

Yes, Romney is loathsome. But seriously...how much more right wing is he likely to be than what we have?

The corporations have won. The only purpose the Democrats serve at this point is to make it look like an alternative.

But then, I'm capable of critical thought, which requires a lot more gray matter than "ooga booga -- Dem good...Repub bad."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Romney is a lot more right wing than "what we have." Obama is a fantastic president and a progressive. If you guys don't vote for him again, you'll be sorry when we get another BUSH into the White House.