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Saturday, August 28, 2010

If I had a deck I'd sit out on it all day
Posted by Jill | 11:51 AM
Instead I'm going to take a backhoe to the bedroom and try to get the clutter under control for my next garage sale. ANYTHING but sit here and have to read about people like these:
Patrick Sadowski, wearing a polo shirt with eagles and stars and stripes, said that he belongs to the Constitution Party, because "I feel the Republicans and the Democrats are the same people who own all the horses in the race." He said that he favors candidates of any party as long as they are "Biblicaly based."

"We want our country to get back to its original roots," said Adams, 52, a university administrator whose ancestor were on the Mayflower and fought in the American Revolution.

"Its not anger," said Sawyers, 47, an engineer who grew up on a farm in Virginia. "Its more, 'Guys, why are we going this way? It's time for the silent majority to say its wrong."

Those original roots included slavery. We have a black president. Do the math.
"We just feel that government's getting too large," said Bill Bunting, 58, of Lancaster, Pa., who was laid off from his construction job this spring and now works as a realtor. "It's mainly to send a message to politicians that we're tired of the corruption, both Democrats and Republicans. They should go back to following the Constitution."

I wish the WaPo reporter who spoke to Bill Bunting had thought to ask him what that means, or if he knows anything that's actually IN the Constitution.


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Blogger D. said...
Seriously. Is that first guy going to insist on descent from King Solomon? Did that second guy's ancestor really fight in the Revolution (and on which side) right after he (or she) jumped off the Mayflower? Did third guy not hear about Reagan?

Also, the Washington Post needs proofreaders and copy editors. That was embarrassing.