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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Posted by Jill | 5:24 AM
Every now and then I dip my toes for a few minutes into the fetid waters of Morning Joe, just to see what Joe Scarborough has his knickers in a twist about that day. Yesterday he, like the other GOP shills in cable news, was all up in arms about Joe Biden daring to defend the current administration against the attacks of Dick Cheney -- conveniently forgetting that it is simply Bad Form for a former President or Vice President to criticize the current one -- at least for a while. Even George W. Bush, not a man with whom one ordinarily associates the word "decency", had the decency to not take the bait when asked. But Dick Cheney lives in his own little underworld, where he is both king and deity and is subject to no man's laws, nor anyone's idea of being a civilized human being.

But in the world of Joe Scarborough, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are supposed to be like that nice man John Kerry, who "took the high road" when people like -- yes, you guessed -- Joe Scarborough -- were pummelling him into a loss in 2004. In Scar's world, the natural order of things is for Republicans to attack and Democrats to be good little boys and girls and give them their lunch money.

Yesterday Joe Scarborough decided that the fact that wingnuts are frothing at the mouth about an Obama gun ban that the President has never even mentioned, let alone advocated and about socialist re-education camps that the President has never even mentioned, let alone advocated, and about FEMA internment camps that were built by KBR at the behest of George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, combined with a Pew Research poll showing a huge split in support between wingnuts and, say, the rest of the country, means that Obama is the most polarizing president in history -- and implying that this is somehow Obama's fault.

I'd like to hear Scarborough explain why, when it was George W. Bush who contracted with FEMA for camps, and swept up everyone's telephone conversations and internet activity into that room in San Francisco, and put nuns and Quakers on no-fly lists for advocacy against the Iraq War, and had Secret Service visiting college kids who had posters critical of him in their dorm rooms, the black helicopter crowd didn't care, but let a Democrat -- a BLACK Democrat, no less -- get elected, and all of a sudden we are headed towards a socialist communist fascist homosexual feminazi welfare state where only Negroes (sic) will be allowed to have guns.

Scarborough isn't out there like Glenn Back advocating that someone take a shot at the President. No, Glenn Beck isn't either -- at least not in so many words. But it's clear that "We surround them" doesn't mean a Maypole dance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
IMO, Morning Joe would actually be a very good show to watch starting at 5am CST- WITHOUT JOE! But msnbc is in a bind, because even if they 86ed him, well, Joe in the show title. msnbc has obviously made a business decision to attract morning wingnut viewers, too, Rush types, unfortunatly, but gee, he is mean, mean spirited, and rude, which is an awful awful way to start one's day. A nice conservative host, with Mika and the rest would be ok, and even a better business decision IMO. We wrote a letter to msnbc- I'd like for all of us to do that- would you promote that, Jill? All the rest morning news is local shit and cnn news, and bbc lasts only 30minutes. Tell msnbc you don't mind a conservative host, but Joe has got to go- he's a f**king asshole. this is from hey'all in texas and we're terribly, sincerely sorry for the bush nightmare, we're not all nazis. take care.hanlon

Blogger D. said...
I'm still decoupling "Chuck" from "Scarborough," that being the Scarborough newsperson in my database, and substituting "Joe" but he remains faceless.

By the way, the link "Former Congressman Dead Girl in Office" has your URL as part of its URL, which means it isn't going anywhere.

Blogger Bob said...
This crap the wingnuts put out about polarization is bullcrap. Of course the fringe feels polarized; I would, too, if I chose to reside in the political equivalent of Antarctica. When the Repugs made even the Eisenhower & Nixon families unwelcome, they lost what little they had remaining of the "right-center."