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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said
Posted by Jill | 7:30 PM
It's a streak!

Today's honoree: John Aravosis, who says that the correct answer to the threats from Wall Street is "Go ahead: Make my day."

Money quote:
Enough already. First, there are no jobs. There are no competitors to run to. If these people don't get bailed out, they will lose their jobs, they will lose their companies. So please spare us this bull about how if we don't give people $100,000 bonuses, in the middle of a massive recession, they'll somehow leave. Where pray tell will they go? Other than to the 70th floor to jump off the building.

But more importantly, who the hell do these people think they are? I'm worried about making any money at all this year. As I'm sure many of you are. And these folks are whining about the only thing they got going, a free handout mind you, to keep them alive? To keep us alive? If these companies don't want to join whatever program the administration comes up with to save credit, to save our economy, then nationalize them or, if it's safe to do so, let them fail. But enough of this greedy, whiny crap about how they're all going to leave if we don't give them massive bonuses. Let them leave. Then let them join the unemployment line while figuring out how to pay their mortgages on $400 a month. It's time to tell these companies to STFU, and jam this down their throats. They don't like it, they can go bankrupt or be nationalized. But enough of the games, and enough of the weakness telegraphed by the administration and the Fed.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you Thank you for saying what
many can't say! STFU ! sums it all
up! Remember they've been making
,000,000 for how many years?
They really need this bonus to
pull them over the hump eh? Doubt
Let them join in the search of new
employment on their record of non
achievement... publish the names!

Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
This is what I have been saying. They are threatening to leave? To go where exactly? To India where they have outsourced all our jobs? Sorry you entitled pricks, welcome to the real world, the one that you financial folks have created for the rest of us.