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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Special Inauguration Thank God Almighty We're Free At Last Edition
Posted by Jill | 8:35 PM
Because there are few things more comical than listening to Keith Olbermann trying to report on an evening gown by Jason Wu.

Doghouse Riley says Heil and Farewell to the Bush Administration. Good Lord, they are a bunch of ugly people, aren't they? Who says they don't wear their dark, shrivelled, fetid little souls on their sleeves?

Hoffmania on the journalistic brilliance of Chris Wallace, the dumbest fucking talking head on the planet. (Wallace isn't alone; Brian Lehrer had a caller today who seemed to also be clinging to the hope that John Roberts being unable to get the oath right means they get George W. Bush to come back.

Dday compares and contrasts the stylings of a divisive prick like Rick Warren with the inclusive, loving, heartfelt, and yes, funny, benediction of Rev. Joseph Lowry.

Chris Rodda on how members of the military were pressured to applaud Rick Warren't attempt to hijack the inauguration for Jeebus.

Via Skippy: Why they invented Photoshop.

Petulant ponders the space alien that is Chris Matthews.

DougJ on a bunch of seven-figure Washington cocktail party circuit insiders like Tweety and Brooks telling the rest of us what we have to sacrifice. Sort of like Tom Friedman, who's job is not in danger of being outsourced, always talks about how great outsourcing is. Americans are willing to pitch in and sacrifice and do what we need to do -- but not if we're the only ones coughing up the quarters.

Cernig on whether Obama is already wingnut-baiting. We can only hope. Socialist this, bitchez.

And since jurassicpork didn't post it here, go say hello to him at his place, where his description of George Bush looking like he caught Stephen Colbert rear-ending Laura will haunt your dreams for the rest of the week.

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Blogger jurassicpork said...
Wrong link, hun. This is where you ought to be sending 'em.