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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manna from Snark Heaven
Posted by Jill | 7:32 AM
If you live in the New York area, you know how much Yiddish and its bastardized relative, Yinglish, has pervaded the local vernacular. From a bagel with a schmear to Eliot Spitzer's chutzpah to shlepping bags home from Zabar's, you don't have to be Jewish in New York to know at least a little Yiddish.

But now, the best thing ever to happen to the New York/Yiddish connection has happened.

Actual headline from MLB.com

Three-way deal could send Putz to Mets

If you're like me, your first thought is "Isn't George W. Bush too old to play baseball, even for the Mets?" But then your second thought has to be, what on earth has Seattle closer J.J. Putz done to deserve becoming joke fodder for the New York sports press if he doesn't produce? Especially since Endy Chavez was part of the deal and now the Mets have some serious problems in the outfield.

But Opening Day is still 3-1/2 months away, and for now we can comfort ourselves with giggling about how a real Putz is going to be playing for the Mets.

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Blogger D. said...
In a rare show of prescience, I quote from yesterday morning's comment to you: "They can't sign Putz because In New York? Are you serious?! "

That was my reasoning, too.

Blogger Bob said...
Excellent deal if Putz stays healthy, & he accepts being a setup guy Heilman certainly won't be missed - he couldn't handle pitching under pressure in New York, & Endy Chavez was a defensive specialist, an excellent one, but expendable.

Blogger Tom said...
I haven't anticipated a trade this much since the rumors that Mark Grudzielanek might come to the Reds and we all took bets on how long it would take the late announcer Joe Nuxhall to get his name right.

Nuxie was a class act in every way, but sometimes he couldn't pronounce 'Smith.'

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't follow baseball, but the guy's name is really Putz? And there's like, no Jews in his town? Or Internet? Or TV? Or Open Mike Night at Catch a Rising Star?


Blogger D. said...
Anon: (A) He comes from Michigan. (B) He pronounces it "Poots," as in what one does with gloves. (C) Presumably he got a taste when Seattle was playing the Yankees, but that's not the same as being a punch line in two different newspapers and every cab in the city. (D) He's 31. These days ballplayers are encouraged to have blogs. (I don't at the moment know how to get to his, if he has one.) Whether that means he is Internet-savvy is open to debate.

Somewhere in The Futurians, Fred Pohl mentions an anecdote about someone wanting to change his name and being unlucky enough to come before Judge...Schmuck. "My name is Schmuck. My father's name was Schmuck. My grandfather's name..." You get the idea.