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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cue the Republicans screaming that they aren't Americans and don't have the right to vote
Posted by Jill | 6:50 AM
Many years ago, when Mr. Brilliant and I were first dating, we went to see Steel Pulse when they still did "concerts on the pier" in New York.

Now, Steel Pulse, a reggae band out of England, has recorded a song in support of Barack Obama:

Cue the outrage from the right about how DARE a bunch of black artists who aren't even American weigh in on our election.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
And before long, expect the worst excesses of the Elmer Gantry pseudoreligious to call for hysterically emotional excesses of prayer starting on election eve and continuing through Election Day.

Which, under the right circumstances, may get out of control to the point of such bordering on Jonestown.

Blogger Unknown said...
I saw them open for Bob Dylan about 20 years ago. They must be gettin' pretty old. Christ I guess I am too. Oh well, Dylan's older than all of us.

Blogger Mattttt said...
I love Steel Pulse! Have you ever seen the 1981 multi-concert film, "Urgh! A Music War?" In addition to a slew of great, rare live performances--Klaus Nomi, XTC, Wall of Voodoo, etc.--Steel Pulse performs their single "Ku Klux Klan" (weirdly prescient for the events of the past couple of days).