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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, that didn't take long
Posted by Jill | 11:35 AM
11:33 AM: "Morning Joe" runs the clip of Joe Biden from 1988 allegedly "plagiarizing" Neal Kinnock.

So are we going to play this way, then? Is everything from the 1980's fair game? OK, then...so are "Keating Five", bigamy, and we'll have to see what other goodies from John McCain's 1980's we can dig up.

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Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...
you'll notice not one of the democrats brought that shit up during the primary. it has been proven false too many times. there is too much film out there of biden giving that speech, with attribution, to describe it as anything but a momentary lapse.

plagarism? nope. but, if we want to talk plagarism how's about the lifting of your description of the region around georgia and ossetia from wikifuckingpedia?

or, let's talk about lifting your cross in the dirt story right out of the script of "quo vadis?"

how's about that shit?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I thought Biden admitted to plagiarizing the speech?

Blogger Steve said...
Uhmm, uhmm... Cindy's cookies are delicious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Scarborough is such an odious turd. He's been holding back for so long, he's about to explode. It's showing. His rabid Republican self will be all over the screen, talking over and mocking and sneering from 6am - 9am eastern, Monday through Friday.

If MSNBC wants to balance that bullshit, they need to knock Mika hee hee, do NOT call ME a liberal, out of her highboy stool and put someone in who isn't ashamed to be called a liberal.

Not that I have passionate feelings about things myself....

Blogger eglenclub said...