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Saturday, August 16, 2008

How the Republicans plan to steal another election
Posted by Jill | 8:51 AM
It's worked for them before, so why not steal another election through mass disenfranchisement of youthful and minority voters?

Nearly 600,000 eligible Ohio voters may be dropped from the voter rolls if Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner doesn't act to protect these voters, according to findings based on publicly available information discovered by Advancement Project and Project Vote.

These voters -- disproportionately voters of color and young voters -- are subject to being removed from Ohio's voter registration rolls without notice or a hearing because of the state's vague regulations on vote caging, a process that enables representatives of one political party to challenge the voter registration credentials of voters at polling places on Election Day.

The Ohio counties with largest numbers of returned notices prior to March 2008 Presidential Primary are Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas and Summit, where Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo are located.

This is why Barack Obama needs a double-digit lead in the national polls before Election Day. The only way he wins is via a lead that is too big for the Republicans to steal the election credibly.


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Blogger D. said...
Methinks it is time to put people on alert to Make Bloody Sure they are registered to vote in their district.

I have no idea how one does this, though. I was registered in New Jersey for years--in fact, I was still registered there as of 2007, although I hadn't lived there or voted there in over ten years. I currently live where voter registration forms are carried on buses and there is Motor Voter. Presumably the local version of Hall of Records keeps the registered voter database. Presumably there are barriers both physical and psychological (and short hours) to prevent people from inspecting their registration. And of course the people who would need to do this ASAP have no idea that they need to.