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Friday, August 15, 2008

Enough, or "Where IS Vicki Iseman, Anyway?"
Posted by Jill | 7:15 AM

Let it go.

What is this accomplishing?

Today the New York Times continues to hammer the Edwards affair as if it were vital to the future of this nation.

"But what if?", you might say. "What if he had gotten the nomination?"

If he'd been the nominee, we'd be utterly screwed right now. But he isn't, and to the extent that we are screwed at all because of this, it's because of the double standard in the media in handling Democrats' peccadillos as opposed to those of Republicans.

At this point, I have no concern about the feelings of John Edwards. As someone who supported him in his quest for the nomination, and sent money for that effort, I'm angry at the idea that a dime of my money was spent to pay off Rielle Hunter to keep quiet. I'm baffled at how on earth he thought he could get away with it. And I'm appalled and disgusted at him, not just for cheating on a wife who is smart, attractive, loyal, and may very well have put her own life in danger conceiving two children after they lost their son; but also for choosing such an obvious ditz. It's one thing if your husband has the opportunity to nail Angelina Jolie. That would hurt, but at least you could understand it. But to fall for an aging party girl because she tells you that you have an old soul and that you may be the second coming of Gandhi? Sorry, but that's right up there with "You're beautiful, have you ever done any modeling?"

So now that's out of the way.

But I fail to understand how the very same media that has been kind to Elizabeth Edwards up until this point because of her illness has decided that they need to continue to put this story on the front page in perpetuity. John Edwards is not the nominee, he is not going to even attend the convention, his career in public life is over. Do we need to punish his wife further to feed the insatiable maw of right-wing talk radio? And where IS Vicki Iseman, anyway?

I'm having a hard enough time wrapping my mind around the fact that the ferociously intelligent, passionate, brave, kind woman who stood on the landing of the steps in my house in the summer of 2007 and talked about universal health care has been reduced to staying with this man because it's the best way to ensure as much time with her children as possible in the time she has left.

Let it go already. I don't need to know any more. And neither does anyone else.


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Blogger dave in boca said...
And neither does anyone else.

Oh yes we do, and bringing up Iseman demonstrates just how stuck-on-stupid Marxist loons just don't get it. Obambi has some goodies back there too, and McCain will win while the morons on the left will gnash their teeth fo' mo' years.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for telling me what I need to know. Anyone so stupid as to support Edwards in the first place really shouldn't be offering advice to other people - about anything.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
A story that finally broke in terms of a confession (of sorts) in just the last few weeks, may FEEL like it will go on forever in your mind, but there is apparently much more that has been left unconfessed. How long it will drag on depends now on how willing Edwards is in finally letting go of his pridefulness and vanity and coming clean with the depth of his public deceit. There seems to be serious questions about money payments and where those funds may have come from, and how they may be officially designated in terms of contributions. Then there is the more tawdry items such as the child's actual paternity and the actual length of the affair. It all still speaks to the credibility and morality of someone who had just been a serious national candidate for President, and most recently, for Vice-President and /or a high-profile cabinet post.

Please don't come back with the "he isn't from the Family Values party" line of BS. He still played up his rock-solid family man commitments as a significant part of who he was. Unless you care to claim that he actually had a "Adultery is a personal choice" policy.

It will remain a story until it is obvious that there isn't a significant part of the story left untold. Edwards is ultimately in control of that.

Blogger Bob said...
I supported Edwards because I read his platform, found it closest to my views, & considered him a good choice. But he was gone by the time I voted in February & that was the end of that. He quit before he had enough political clout to influence the race, & as a result his eventual endorsement of Obama was inconsequential.

As for Dave, who was a sociopath before he became a wingnut, he believes that if he can't defeat "liberals" at the polls he should just kill them.

Blogger Myrtle June said...
I think it's to make sure he doesn't get the VP and maybe a little payback for Iowa and endorsing Obama. I guess JE wasn't the highest bidder in this scheme. And yes, he's an ass for falling right in with such a sordid bunch.

There is more and he may still be lying to his wife and to the public. But who cares? Payback is a bitch, eh.