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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nice work, Joe, but then, you helped create this environment
Posted by Jill | 11:39 AM
Joe Klein, who had as much to do with the obsession with the Clenis™ as anyone, has finally realized what he hath wrought -- now that it's too late and no one will go along with him:

Back in the day, John McCain was the sort of politician who would stand first in line to call out this sort of swill. (As, I'm sure Barack Obama or John Kerry would do, if some hate-crazed, money-grubbing left-winger published a book claiming that McCain had been successfully brainwashed in Vietnam--as Kerry did indeed do when a group of spurious Bush-backing Vietnam vets tried to claim exactly that about McCain during the 2000 Republican primary in South Carolina.)

But we're not seeing those sorts of claims being made about McCain this year...because Democrats tend not to do that sort of thing. They are the sorts of claims that Republicans--Bush Republicans--make. They range from the blatantly extra-curricular, like Corsi's book, to the official McCain-sanctioned introduction made by Joe Lieberman--of all people--yesterday: that Obama doesn't "put America first."

I know that people like me are supposed to try to be fair...and balanced. (The Fox mockery of our sappy professional standards seems more brutally appropriate with each passing year.) In the past, I would achieve a semblance--or an illusion--of balance by criticizing Democrats for not responding effectively when right-wing sludge merchants poisoned our national elections with their filth and lies. And it is true, as John Kerry knows, that a more effective response--and a bolder campaign--might have neutralized the Swiftboat assault four years ago. It is also true that Corsi's book this time is far less effective than his Swiftboat venture, since it doesn't come equipped with veterans willing to defile their service by telling lies to camera.

But there is no excuse for what the McCain campaign is doing on the "putting America first" front. There is no way to balance it, or explain it other than as evidence of a severe character defect on the part of the candidate who allows it to be used. There is a straight up argument to be had in this election: Mcain has a vastly different view from Obama about foreign policy, taxation, health care, government action...you name it. He has lots of experience; it is always shocking to remember that this time four years ago, Barack Obama was still in the Illinois State Legislature. Apparently, though, McCain isn't confident that conservative policies and personal experience can win, given the ruinous state of the nation after eight years of Bush. So he has made a fateful decision: he has personally impugned Obama's patriotism and allows his surrogates to continue to do that. By doing so, he has allied himself with those who smeared him, his wife, his daughter Bridget, in 2000. Those tactics won George Bush a primary--and a nomination. But they proved a form of slow-acting spiritual poison, rotting the core of the Bush presidency. We'll see if the public decides to acquiesce in sleaze in 2008, and what sort of presidency--what sort of country--that will produce.

We already know, because we've had it for the last eight years. Now if the Obama campaign had a freaking clue and wasn't determined to travel merrily down the John Kerry Let's Be Nice Road, we would see an ad that looks like this one (h/t):

The difference between an ad like this and Jerome Corsi's book? There is NOTHING in this ad that is not a documented fact -- unlike the lunatic ravings of Mr. Corsi.

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Blogger Steve said...
Interesting that.... Joltin Joe uses, "doesn't put America first", as a negative tag on Obama. If my memory of US history serves me correctly, that was the name of the anti-war movement spearheaded by such luminaries as Henry Ford and Charles Lindburg until Pearl Harbor and Hitler's declaration of war shortly thereafter, put America First out of business.
One of life's little ironies, but probably of no consequence as many Americans get their history from historians like, Bill O'Rielly, who told them that Malmady was a war atrocity committed by American troops against Germans in WWII.(When just the opposite was true.)

It's hard to argue with scholarship like that.

Anonymous Dollface said...
Love the video. Going to link to it (and this post) from my blog.

Anonymous Nan said...
Love the video, especially the last line.

McCain is one step from senility, I don’t want an old jones running my country, do you?