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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Of course they do, because for them, anyone to the left of Mussolini is a liberal
Posted by Jill | 6:40 AM
Hey, Senator Obama....if you thought that voting to give George W. Bush unfettered power to spy on Americans for any reason at any time and to give the telecom companies immunity would somehow inoculate you from charges of being some sort of raging Commie, guess again:

Republicans see a different Obama. The National Journal rated him the most liberal member of the Senate last year. His advisers say the rating system is faulty, but McCain and other Republicans say it is an accurate reflection of Obama's political philosophy.

Peter Wehner, a former Bush administration official who is now at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, considers Obama someone who can move his party to new places on race and religion. But on policy, he sees him as conventionally liberal. "The Democratic Party today is quite liberal, and Obama, if anything, will deepen the roots of its liberalism," he said.

One would think you'd have learned, after the last decade and a half, that it doesn't matter how much a Democrat moves to the right -- Republicans will still tar you as some kind of raging socialist Threat to the Very Survival of the Republic™.

Clearly you haven't learned that yet. I wonder what it's going to take to get through to you.

Or maybe it IS clear, and you're part of a rigged system that just puts out Democrats to be sacrificial lambs to fool us into thinking that the government represents us, when it doesn't at all.

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Blogger merlallen said...
Isn't any Democrat who wins the nomination the most Liberal whatever?

Blogger Jill said...
On what planet?

Blogger Steve said...
Republicans have trained Democrats well.
Obama has become just another Pavlov Puppy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm afraid you're awfully close to the truth, Jill. Only it may be us that are the lambs.

Obama's got a team that's as politically astute as any we've seen, so I doubt you're telling them anything they don't already know. So the run to the center and the run to the right may unfortunately be simply a run to home.

Maybe the couple of dozen liberal Democratic lawmakers that actually exist never run for the White House because they know they'll be killed. And I don't mean metaphorically.

Blogger Fran said...
Liberal? Bwaaahahahahhahahahahah.

This conversation always kills me.

One day I actually had someone - someone with access to the White House (although in an unofficial capacity- read faith based) say these words to me:
"You liberals act like you just don't love America."

It is pure luck that the mouthful of red wine that I had in my mouth was not all over him.

Hilarious and terrifying all at once.

This has been said of Kerry - not a raging liberal by any means.

They said it of the Clintons, hearty moderates that they are.

We all know the old canard about a lie oft repeated...

Paging Joseph Goebbels!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Obama voted for the amendments that would have restricted immunity on the part of telecoms to only those cases where the actions of the government where deemed Constitutional.


There was nothing more he could have done to prevent the passage of FISA with the immunity in it. So should he have still voted against the overall bill and allowed that to be a McCain campaign commercial? I can see it now... "Obama voted against our ability to catch terrorists....".

We need to tread very carefully when being critical of Obama. I, for one, have absolute faith that Obama will help to start restoring the Constitution once elected. However, the last thing we want to do is scare off those who might go support the Green Party in swing states so we can have another 2000 Florida event.

And I am not talking about the recount fiasco. I am talking about the thousands of voters who voted for Nader (even though they lived in a swing states) and condemned us to 8 years of Bush.

Yes, the Republicans would smear Obama regardless. However, he stood up against immunity and has done so repeatedly. He should be applauded for that and we should, instead, be criticizing the Republicans for their blind obedience to our failed president and his failed policies. I know I don't want 4 years of McSame.