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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dream Team or Nightmare?
Posted by Jill | 2:25 PM
I vote for nightmare. After trying mightily to do what she can to make Barack Obama unelectable, from sending black surrogates out to brand him as an ex-drug dealer to telling newspapers that the IMPORTANT people, the WHITE people, will ONLY support HER, Hillary Clinton has not been running the kind of campaign that should be rewarded by giving her the VP nod. And frankly, the so-called "feminists" who are supporting her and threatening to vote for McCain if she isn't nominated ought to be ashamed of themselves, particularly if a President McCain gets to nominate a few more Sammy the Stem Cell Alitos to the Supreme Court and they or their daughters end up back in the coathanger-and-drinking-lye days of reproductive self-determination.

Now it seems she's going to strongarm her way into the #2 spot:

Clinton "is trying to figure out how to land the plane without looking like surrender," a prominent figure in the Obama camp said Friday. This means, in all likelihood, bringing her campaign to a close in the next few weeks and trying to leverage her way onto an Obama ticket from a position of maximum strength, said several knowledgeable sources.

A person close to her, with whom her campaign staff has counseled at various points, said this week, "I think the following will happen: Obama will be in a position where the party declares him the nominee by the first week in June. She'll still be fighting with everybody -- the Rules Committee, the party leaders -- and arguing, 'I'm winning these key states; I've got almost half the delegates. I have a whole constituency he hasn't reached. I've got real differences on approach to how we win this election, and I'm going to press the hell out of this guy. ... Relief for the middle class, universal health care, etc.; I'm Ms. Blue Collar, and I'm going to press my fight, because he can't win without my being on the ticket.' "

Another major Democratic Party figure, who supports her for president, agreed: "It's not going to be a quiet exit. ... Obama has got a terrible situation. He marches to a different drummer. He won't want to take her on the ticket. But he might have to, even though the idea of Vice President Hillary with Bill in the background at the White House is not something -- especially after what [the Clintons] have thrown at him that he relishes. I believe she'll go for it."

However, several important Democrats aligned with Obama predicted that he -- and Michelle Obama -- will vigorously resist any Clinton effort to get on the ticket. Rather, Obama is more likely to try to convince Clinton to either stay in the Senate or accept another position in an Obama administration, should he win the presidency.

Several Clinton associates say there is still a ray of hope among some in her campaign: that a "catastrophic" revelation about Obama might make it possible for her to win the presidential nomination. But barring that, Hillary and Bill Clinton recognize that her candidacy is being abandoned and rejected by superdelegates whom she once expected to win over and that, even if she were to win the popular vote in combined primary states, she will almost certainly be denied the nomination

So the Clintonistas are going to try to dig up dirt on Obama in a final bid to knock him out of the race so they can claim what they think is rightfully theirs, but if they fail, they want to be rewarded with the VP nod?

These people are absolutely despicable. Historically opponents have managed to put aside their differences when one chooses the other for the VP spot. But you never saw John Edwards trashing John Kerry when he was Kerry's running mate. Somehow I can't imagine megalomaniacs like the Clintons suddenly deciding that Obama is OK if Hillary gets the #2 spot. It's more likely that they'll do whatever they can to cut him off at the knees if he's elected, and he'd be a damn fool to fall for it.

You know, I defended the Clintons for eight years when people told me they were dirty, they were corrupt, they were power-mad. But you know what? Maybe they were right.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What scares me even more: Cheney demonstrated the "power" of an independent Vice President with his own policy and agenda.
I shudder to think what Hillary will bring to that attitude!

Blogger Steve T. said...
I was jubilant at Bill Clinton's election in 1992, which makes the disillusionment all the more painful. But the fact of their ruthless power politics makes me doubt she would want or accept the VP post.

I hate to say this, since I'm old enough to remember, barely, JFK's assassination and was 12 when MLK and RFK got taken down. Talk about traumatic. But the closer Obama gets to the presidency, the more danger he will be in, and triple that if he's actually inaugurated.

Hillary's too smart to walk into that minefield. I quote Jesse Wendel at Group News Blog: "...if Obama should die with her at VPOTUS, Clinton would instantly become the center of the worst paranoid conspiracy shit-storm in U.S. history."

A hundred times worse than Vince Foster, Whitewater, and the travel office scandal combined. Do you think they would risk it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If Hilary's VP Obama better hire a full time food taster.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they would "risk it"! What EXACTLY came of Whitewater, Foster, or travelgate? Didn't Hill already dismiss those troubles as simply the result of "a vast right wing conspiracy"?

I too fear for Obama's life, but only because of the "nuts" out there. The Secret Service is very good at what they do, but they would be the first to confess that defense against the dedicated suicide attack is almost impossible.

And see my earlier post. Hill et al wouldn't need to BE President to exert undue influence. Unless Obama devoted far too much effort to keeping VP Hill in check, I shudder to contemplate the damage she could do..

And don't for a minute assume that she wouldn't be running for the top spot in 2012...

Blogger missy said...
I second bandit.

The idea of the so-called "dream ticket" of Clinton-Obama makes me literally nauseous, picturing VP Clinton huddling with Bill over in the Executive Office Building a là Cheney, maintaining her own shadow presidency and undermining the Oval Office.

But if that is what we have to do to win, I'm willing to suck it up. Because the alternative - a McCain presidency - is unacceptable.

What we Dems on the Obama side need to do in the meantime is to let Hillary voters - at least the fierce women among them - know how much we respect their accomplishments, and understand their need to see one of their own make it to the top. We have to lead them back with the issues that have made them Democrats in the first place: equality, choice, strong public schools, health care, and economic security. Maybe then we can bring them back on board without having to sacrifice Obama's presidency to the evil Clinton ego Siamese twins.

I doubt we can win over those "hard working white Americans" anyway, since many of them really are just hardened American bigots.