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Friday, December 28, 2007

No terrorist attacks since 9/11? What the hell do you call this?
Posted by Jill | 6:59 AM
A rash of attacks on abortion and family planning clinics has struck Albuquerque this month, the first such violence there in nearly a decade.

Two attacks occurred early Tuesday at two buildings belonging to Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, according to Albuquerque police and fire officials. An arson fire damaged a surgery center the organization uses for abortions, and the windows of a Planned Parenthood family planning clinic 12 blocks away were smashed, the officials said.

Neither building sustained significant damage, and activities at both of them resumed Wednesday, a spokeswoman said.

The attacks came just weeks after the Albuquerque clinic run by a nationally known abortion provider, Dr. Curtis Boyd, was destroyed by arsonists on Dec. 6.

On Wednesday, agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, along with local arson investigators, arrested two suspects in the fire at Dr. Boyd’s clinic, which has provided abortions to women from throughout the region and Mexico since 1972.

The suspects, Chad Altman and Sergio Baca of Albuquerque, both 22, were arrested on arson charges after the authorities received a tip, said Jake Gonzales, the agent in charge of the firearms agency’s Albuquerque office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
No, no, no, Jill,
You still don't get it!

"Terrorist attacks" can only be performed by Middle Eastern "Muslims" out to destroy America and our way of life.
Bombing abortion clinics and assassinating doctors are "patriotic acts" performed by "Christian soldiers" [at best!] or true "patriots".

No act, however heinous, performed by this group can ever be called "terrorist" because
1) - our intelligence and security processes are so good that we will uncover them before fruition
2) - the word has been expunged from the Federal vocabulary -- except when referring to those things which won't happen or which our surveillance has uncovered and disrupted [like pizza deliverers attacking Fort Dix!].

Blogger Distributorcap said...
all morning Joe Scarborough - whom I was starting to think was somewhat-OK (but now realize, once a douchebag republican hack, always one) -- kept saying his "friends" are now back to security as the primary issue and that we -- America -- can only talk about other 'stuff' (you know unimportant crap like Health Care, privacy, a fair judicial system, a credit crisis, a working infrastructure etc.) because GEORGE W BUSH's stellar (and now-working) foreign policy has prevented an attack on this country for the past 7 years!

needless to say the coffee is all over the desk because i couldnt contain the laughter or disgust.

yep - we are safer because those nasty turrists just keep killing each other over there -- George W Bush has done it -- he is my HERO.

can i say this?
FU Joe Scarborough --- the ends justifies the means --- all the shit of Bush is worth it because there has not been an attack in 7 years on US soil.

what a scumbag

Blogger Rev. Donald Spitz said...
Who can blame Sergio Baca for trying to protect his own child. Sergio Baca had a right and duty to protect his child from being murdered by the babykilling
abortionist and from the babykilling abortion mill. These two men should be set free, they were only doing the responsible thing. There actions were justifiable. Any normal human being would do the same thing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't honestly sese how anybody can take the so-called "pro-life" movement seriously until they renounce those within their ranks that beleive it is acceptable to enforce their opinions through violence, vandalism, and murder. Nutjobs like this sully the inner convictions of those who really do beleive life is sacred.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm 'anonymous' from post #1.

Re Rev. Spitz: I rest my case!
It's only "terrorism" if you disapprove of the violence....

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Chad Altman and Sergio Baca = domestic terrorists. Stop trying to rationalize it.