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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Around the blogroll and elsewhere - short but special Very Serious Journalists edition
Posted by Jill | 7:10 AM
Slow news day, so here's some good stuff to read:

Glenn Greenwald has a recap of the kind of insightful "journalism" delivered by Your News Media this year.

Driftglass on how Rich Lowry and George Will can't run away from the Christofascist Zombie Brigade they helped rise to power.

Someone better take that stake away from TRex before he sticks it in his own forehead after assembling this compendium of idiocy from the Usual Suspects.

Kevin Hayden on the New York Times' latest hit on John Edwards: ZOMG....he's sometimes late! Stop the presses and call the police.

Howie Klein is in Myanmar/Burma and has some thoughts on the local newspaper.

Media Matters has a roundup of Dubious Political Punditry of 2007.


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