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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They might as well just shoot 'em -- it'd be quicker
Posted by Jill | 6:54 AM
This is how the Bush Administration "supports the troops" -- by giving them inadequate training and then sending them into a civil war:

The US Army, struggling to cope with stepped-up operations and extended deployments of its soldiers to Iraq, has shortened the duration of several of its bedrock training courses so that troops can return to fighting units on the front lines more quickly, according to senior training officials.

One training course that is considered the "first step" in educating newly minted sergeants -- the noncommissioned officers considered the backbone of Army units -- has been cut in half to 15 days. Meanwhile, an intensive program designed to prepare young officers for advanced leadership has been compressed from eight months to less than five months so that the Army can fill positions in constant demand from commanders in the Middle East.

In a series of interviews in recent weeks, Army training officials expressed confidence that soldiers are able to master the skills they need to perform their jobs, and stressed that their units are gaining invaluable, real-time experience in both wars. But they also acknowledged that it is becoming increasingly difficult to prepare them for all the missions they are assigned, such as tank crews and artillery battalions that are participating in patrols and counterinsurgency operations.

And isn't counterinsurgency the primary function of troops in Iraq now?

How on earth can anyone take this administration seriously when it talks about giving the troops what they need? They won't give them body armor, they won't give them adequate vehicles, they've given them tainted water, and they're cutting their medical care in the event they actually make it home.

Are they TRYING to summarily destroy an entire generation of young people other than the scions of the wealthiest families?

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