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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Is this what's called Joementum?
Posted by Jill | 5:57 PM
Joe Lieberman, July 1, on This Week with George Snuffalupagus:

As long as we have a reasonable chance of success in Iraq, then I'm going to say it's worth it for us to stay...The surge is working. So you might say that, in Iraq, we've got the enemy on the run.

Reality, today:

A deadly truck bombing in a busy market in northern Iraq has killed 105 people and injured 240, police say.
The morning blast destroyed the market in the small town of Amirli, south of Kirkuk, killing many people instantly and trapping dozens among the rubble.

It was the deadliest single attack in Iraq since April, correspondents say.

It came as 29 people were killed in separate violence, including 22 people who died overnight in Diyala province when a suicide bomber hit a cafe.

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