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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mark Green really IS the second coming of Danny Goldberg
Posted by Jill | 3:39 PM
Fortunately, I got to work this morning before Wayne Gillman finished the morning Air America news, or by sheer force of habit I might have forgotten that Mark Green has banished Sam Seder to Sunday afternoons (or so he's telling us, that remains to be seen as far as I'm concerned) and replaced him with the audible migraine known as Lionel.

But the early reviews from more intrepid souls than I are in.

Big Blue:

Lionel was awful. Not just awful in the ways I expected - I hate the "independent thinker" schtick which suggests everyone else isn't - but truly awful radio period. Who the hell would want to listen to that?


And at Lawyers, Guns and Money:

Dear Jeebus, it is absolutely awful. I listened to over 2 hours (2 hours of my life that I will never get back, unfortunately) and couldn't take it anymore. I'd say I heard about 2 minutes of political discussion. Well over an hour was devoted to some shock jock controversy that I really couldn't give a fuck about, and it was just repetitive and extremely boring.

David Konigsberg, in a comment at the above:

That they would replace the great Sam Seder with this imbicile, this ninny, is beyond comprehension.

That's it for me.

Steven Hart:

I realize that the venture was screwed by greedy weasels even before it left the gate, but since then the programming decisions have run the gamut from wobbly to weird, and very little the station has done has made sense in either the short or the long term. Very sad.

Kevin M. at the Morning Seditionists Blog quotes Lionel as opening his show with "This is Lionel. One name. Like God".

And STL Listener in a comment at Sam Seder's blog says,

Oh my god. I am listening to Lionel. First time. And, I am already dozing off. Terrible.

Nice going, Mr. Green. Were you TRYING to put the last stake through the heart of Air America, or is it, like the very president you claim to be fighting, simply sheer incompetence by someone whose family bought him a business to run?


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